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New Pen Addict 5by5

Tonight I’m recording my third appearance on the venerated pen podcast, The Pen Addict (episode 71) which should be available for download by Friday (I think).

Topics to be discussed may include pencil love, cameras and enlivening your cube dwelling. Tune in to find for sure if we stick to the topics. Or send us a suggestion on Twitter @wellapptdesk or @dowdyism.

If you haven’t listened to previous appearances of yours truly on the Pen Addict Podcast, you can find the episodes here and here.

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  1. Ana,
    I just finished listening to you on the latest Pen Addict Podcast, which was among the best episodes I have ever heard. I continue to be amazed at how a person as young (and not to mention as busy) as you can have become so knowledgeable and articulate on so many topics. Your commentaries inform, surprise, and, most importantly, entertain the lay listener. You really ought to consider doing a book that draws on your expertise–even if you limit it to only one topic, like the factors to consider when choosing a notebook. This sort of effort might well win you the higher profile you deserve.

    Randy Schwartz

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