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I’ve been unable to reach two giveaway winners to send them their goodies. If you are Maggie B. winner of the Poppin 18-month Planner or Suzanne winner of the Floral Bomb assortment giveaway. Please contact me at the Ask The Desk contact form. Tell me the email address you used to enter the drawing and your shipping address. I’m assuming my emails got lost in your junk mail filter.

If I do not hear from either winner by the last day of September, I will draw new names from the original entries and have to give the goodies to a new winner.

As a result, in the future, I will add a 30-day reply window for giveaway winners so please use your regular email address when entering the giveaways here. I promise, they are hidden in my WordPress contact form. I am the only one who sees them unless the giveaway is specifically sponsored by a second-party and I do not keep email addresses.

More Giveaways: And just to sweeten the pot, for those souls who read this whole post, I’m going to give away a Jet Pens gift certificate for $25 just because I can. (Thank you very much, Jet Pens!)

To enter: Leave a comment and tell me what currently on your Jet Pens wishlist to be officially entered.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Saturday, September 21, 2013. All entries must be submitted at wellappointeddesk.com, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Sunday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). ONE entry per person, please. Please include your email address in the comment form (not in your comment) so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. Gift certificate will sent digitally via JetPens. Winner has 30 days to reply to my email. If I can’t reach you within 30 days, a new winner will be drawn from the original entries.

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  1. My jet pens wishlist is over 100 items so it’d take a LOT to go over them, but something that just comes to mind that I have had on there awhile is the frixion coloured pencil style set. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  2. Well, today my wish list has the Kuretake Little Red gift set, Ohto Fude roller ball pen, Uni Signo gel pen, a Palomino pencil sharpner, etc etc. I am never at a loss to find “something” on their site!

  3. First, Happy Birthday! I was just going through my wishlist on jetpens yesterday. My wish list includes Sun-Star Pen Jacket – Belt Type – Wine Red, Morning Glory Mach 3 Roller Ball Pen – any color, and I have been eyeballing a Kaweco Fountain pen – fine.

  4. My wish list includes a box of Blackwing 602’s and a yet to be decided upon pencil case! I’m also considering a few of the Pentel Vicuna pens you reviewed to keep on hand at work.

    By the way, I enjoyed listening to your podcast on The Pen Addict recently! I haven’t ventured into using fountain pens yet but the more I read and hear, the more I want give it a whirl.

  5. A Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen – Fine 03 Nib – Violet Body and a Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen – Medium Fine Nib – Yellow Body –These are my most wanted items in my JetPens wishlist. There are various other items, but if I were to clean up my list these two would stay.

  6. Oh, my Jetpens wishlist is a mess! But here’s what sort of bubbles to the top when I shake it: a couple of Tachikawa nib holders (Models 25 and 40) and some Zebra and/or Tachikawa G nibs to go with them, along with a pot of Kuretake manga ink. I don’t know why I want these things, because I have both the handwriting and artistic talent of a drunk seal, but their pull is irresistible.

    If I give in to reason, though, I’d probably pick up a few more pots of Diamine ink – it works so well in so many of my pens, I just can’t help but need more.

  7. To relieve your to do list I would be glad to help you out and fill in for Maggie B or Suzanne if you don’t hear from them. 🙂
    Otherwise my JetPens order would complete the color palette I need of Sakura Gelly Rolls

  8. On my JetPens wishlist: Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen in Orange, Lihit Lab Smart Fit Cover Notebook in Orange or the Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Orange. I sense a theme here. But what I really want is the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon in Red.That will probably stay on my wishlist for quite awhile.

  9. I’ve got the Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro Corner Cutter on my Wish List. As well as various pencil sharpeners and Nomadic pen cases on which I need to make a decision…Too much fun. Thanks for the giveaways!

  10. I have too many things on my JetPens wishlist to list them all, but I’ve got a few fountain pens on there that I would probably buy before I bought anything else on my wishlist. I really like a lot of the Kaweco fountain pens, so I definitely want one of those! And I can always use more ink, or another Lamy Al-Star (I will definitely end up with all the colors someday)!

  11. My JetPens wishlist is full of Diamine ink. I’m not sure what I’d get first — possibly a pink and a cheerful green.

  12. Jet Pens Wish List Includes: Tombow Airpress Ball Point; Dr. Ion Multiwork Case; Midori Diamond Memo Pad; Pentel Graphgear Drafting Pencil (0.7mm) (because it looks cool, not because I can actually draft); AG Spalding Bros. fountain pen (to go with all the other fountain and other writing instruments I’ve ordered from JetPens). Happy Birthday! Thanks for being around.

  13. A Saki P-661 Roll Pen Case (in purple), a calligraphy pen but haven’t decided which one yet and finally a couple of the Pentel EnerGel Tradio Gel Inks. So many choices!

  14. I have so many items on my JetPens wish list but the pilot hitec c coleto and the Alphagel kuru toga are at the top of my list.

  15. I’m seriously considering a Kaweco fountain. Which one? I haven’t figured that out. Also loving on colorful sets of gel pens right now. JetPens has so many. Thank you for the chance!

  16. Three years! Congratulations!

    From JetPens, I am dreaming of ordering: Carl Neo Gauge 26/30 hole punch, Kaweco AL Sport or Liliput, ceramic scissors.

  17. I say on the low end maybe a Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen on the high end maybe Pelikan M205 Piston Filler. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. It’s a bit like giving a child $25 for candy store, isn’t it? My current wishes are a Lamy Safari or Nexx or a Kaweco Sport. I want an easy to go to everyday pen that I can change ink colors on often.

  19. Some of the items on my wish list are the Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Mangaka Outline pen, Ohto Graphic liner, Tombow Kay Coat Double-Sided Highlighter, and a bunch of Pilot Juice gel pens.

  20. I have a fairly looooong wishlist, but most notably I’d like a 3M Scotch Donut Tape Dispenser (in Caramel Brown) and some rolls of its corresponding tape. I guess I don’t dream very big!

  21. Allo Ana-

    I so want to try a Kaweco Classic Sport for a trouser pocket carry. However, I don’t care for gold-colored accents. I cannot, in good conscience pay the difference between the plastic Sport and the aluminium version…or the carbon (gasp!) just to get the silver colored accents. (I also don’t care for the Ice Sport…picky much?)

    The most valuable way I can see to solve this is instead of ordering a $75 aluminium Sport, I will order the $69 Kaweco Calligraphy set which comes with 4 nibs and, glory be, silver-toned accents. I prefer italic nibs anyway, so this seems my best option.

    This, and maybe a few more Petit1 makes up my JetPens wish list.


  22. I’m coveting a Kaweco all-rounder – $25 from Jet Pens would go a long way to making that dream come true…

  23. I have a big wish list, but what I want the most from my list is a selection of Pilot Iroshizuku inks…especially the red ones!

  24. I can’t tell you my entire wish list because this comment form isn’t large enough for that! But it includes items such as the Uni-ball Koru Toga, Rhodia Rhodiarama and Unlimited notebooks, Pilot Juice, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica, J. Herbin and Diamine fountain pen inks, and many more….

  25. My wishlist is very small. Right now, the only thing on my wishlist is the Pilot Juice Gel-Ink Pen in the 0.38mm tips. I am so attracted to these fine tips!

  26. Two of my ongoing favorites are the fun .5 Pilot Juice Gel pens and the always useful Uni-Ball Signo Broad pens in several colors. Just lately I’m had a desire for a red Lamy Studio Broad….

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