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Pencil Rainbow

This morning, Lifehacker featured a great post asking readers to contribute their favorite pencils in the comments and, boy howdy, are there some great pencils featured. Is your favorite pencil listed?

But, lo and behold, they had a related link for their Five Best Notebooks. While I don’t agree on all accounts, its a great follow-up to this morning’s post and gave me another notebook to add to the ever-growing grid: Whitelines.

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  1. My favorite is the Stabilo 8008. I discovered these when we cleaned out my great aunt’s belongings and found a couple in her pen cup. Been a favorite ever since.

  2. Great pencil rainbow! Somehow reminds me of the tin cases filled with colored pencils I used to have in my school days. I always loved to admire and sort them, at least at the beginning of the year when all colors were still there and not looking completely battered.
    I really like the Gretacolor “Monolith”. It’s basically a thick graphite stick covered by a thin foil so your fingers don’t get dirty. It’s very nice for sketching.
    Also Graf von Faber-Castell has some very nice looking, somewhat thicker pencils, not to mention their “perfect pencil”! *drools*

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