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In case you missed the news last week, Field Notes announced the Winter Edition of the Colors Series called Cold Horizon. It is a another departure from the traditional Kraft cover version. This time the covers are a gradient blue and each of the three books are a slightly different gradient but they can be lined up to transition in color from one book to the next. The covers are a glossy coated stock this time to enhance the icy cold look. Inside is the standard Finch paper stock printed with grid marks and tinted in light blue, light green and cool gray — each book a different colored stock inside.

I think this edition is distinctively different from previous incarnations. I’ll be curious how people react to the new Field Notes Cold Horizon once they have it in hand. I need to renew my subscription ASAP to make sure I get at least one set to review and compare.

A set of three Cold Horizon Field Notes sell for $9.95. A year’s subscription is $97 and includes four quarterly editions, starting with the Cold Horizon, and a bonus 3-pack of Kraft mixed and a 3-pack of Kraft Grid.


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  1. I like it because it’s different. Something pretty and new to add to my growing Field Notes collection.:) I find that I carry these just as regular little memo books, but my main Field Notes project is keeping copies of all the sweet, silly and sometimes venting text messages my husband and I send each other. So far I’ve filled three since the fall and I know it sounds silly, but it’s kind of like keeping a journal. Thanks for posting this, or I’d have missed out. Still need to order some black ones, Tennessee and Massachusetts ones….lol at this rate I should just subscribe.

    1. I recommend getting the “Road Trip” kit if you are ordering more than a couple state editions from the County Fair edition. You get a steno pad and pencils, as well as full sets of various states (you select your states). Happy Field Noting!

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