Video: Staplers and Glass Pen

My husband stumbled across this video of  staplers found in Japan by this colorful Brit from The Grand Illusions web site, a site that sells toys, illusions and other novelty items.

I dug through his videos in search of other tidbits that might be interesting to readers and also found his glass pen demo. He comments that washing the tip with a little soapy water helps to make the ink adhere much better. Good tip!

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  1. Hmmm…. Those staplers are not new; to me anyway. The bowed staples you normally see are like that on purpose, to ease staple removal. The booklet staplers have been around for ages. Google “Swivel Booklet Stapler”. One example of a swivel booklet stapler is the MAX brand (Max Korokoro Keshikoro) Model HD-10V which sells for less than $10 USD. Search for it on ebaY. Thanks for the video link – it was fun, David

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