12 Days of Inkmas: Private Reserve Orange Crush

Inspired by Kenouni Renoshin‘s suggestion that I do more ink reviews, I give to you the first day of the 12 Days of Inkmas. Cheers!

Private Reserve Orange Crush Writing Sample

Private Reserve Orange Crush was part of the December Ink Drop from Goulet Pens. This month, the sample assortment included eight different colors from Private Reserve, favorites of the staff at Goulet in memory of the creator of Private Reserve, Terry Johnson.

orange crush swab

I own a bottle of Orange Crush and have used it in the past. Its a more dark orange, more brown than the fizzy pop orange it’s named after. Orange Crush is not brown by any stretch but its not a vivid bright orange as I would expect for something called Orange Crush. I think Sailor Jentle Apricot 50ml ($12.50) is is much more of a vivid orange and Noodlers Summer Tanager 3oz/88ml ($12.50) is a brighter, sunnier orange. I would compare it most closely with the Diamine Orange 80ml ($12.50) though you’ll see in the swab close-up, there is a little blue halo around the Diamine Orange that did not appear in the Orange Crush.

Its not a bad color, its just a very in-between color for me. If I want brown, I want something browner. If I’m looking for an orange, I want something that screams ORANGE. Orange Crush is somewhere in between.

In regards to flow and dry time, Orange Crush is wholly acceptable. The dry time was not excessive and I had no issues with ink flow through a fine nib. It is not water resistant in the least though I’ve found that lighter colors tend to not have much staying power when water is introduced. On the plus side, if you spill it, it should wash up easily.

orange crush comp

Private Reserve Orange Crush is sold in 50ml bottles for $8.80.

The samples above were written with a TWSBI Mini EF fountain pen in the Quo Vadis Habana bright white, blank notebook. Dry times will vary depending on paper stock. Comparison samples were written using a steel dip nib with a bit of flex which causes some of the more liquidy inks, like De Atramentis, to run a bit. They are included for color comparison. Best efforts were made to achieve color accuracy but the limitations of camera, lighting and individual monitor calibrations may alter the final look. For best results, order a sample of the ink color you like best and try it before you invest in a whole bottle.

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