Kaweco Art Sport Amber Fine Nib

Kaweco Art Sport

You may recognize this pen from Brad’s review posted a couple months ago. It might look almost identical because it is the same pen. Brad kindly sent it over to me after I whined mercilessly about not getting any love from Kaweco. Then he sent me a replacement nib for it so that I could have what in my head is the PERFECT pen.

Kaweco Art Sport

I love Kaweco Sports with a retriever-like loyalty and the addition of the pattern mixed acrylic bodies take this pen to a new level of class and good looks.

Kaweco Art Sport

I originally attempted to use it with the B broad nib that Brad had used but I found it too juicy for me. He sent me a fine nib in silver and I’m now in the process of ordering a silver clip to coordinate with it. While I think the gold nib on the amber body is gorgeous, I’m happy to let the Art Sport live its own life with its bright shiny new silver nib and clip.

Kaweco Art Sport

Both nibs write as smoothly as I’ve come to expect from Kaweco nibs. Really, the luxury of this pen is the one-of-a-kind look of the acrylic bodies. Its a considerable upcharge from the standard Kaweco Sport pens. For me, its the right kind of upgrade. I would love an option to upgrade to a 14K gold nib on an Art Sport. That would be a holy grail pen for me.

kaweco art sport

I’ve included a little writing sample though its the same nibs as any of the other Sport line, it is not the same unit though so swapping nibs between a Sport and an Art Sport is not recommended since you’d have to remove just the nib, not the whole nib unit.

kaweco art sport

While the end cap has the gold logo and the nib is silver, I think its an acceptable arrangement. And oh, that amber acrylic is fabulous!

For reviews of other Kaweco products, see my Kaweco Student Review, Kaweco Guilloch 1930 EF, Kaweco Liliput EF, Kaweco Highlighter Pen and Kaweco Sports F reviews.

Stylus Fine Pens sells the Art Sports, in all the color varieties for $125 each. I really like the Alabaster and Akeshir versions as well.

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  1. Why does Kaweco make it so difficult to buy this lovely pen and all of its attractive brothers and sisters in the United States?

  2. Grabbed a Kaweco AL Sport in blue at the Philly pen show and, so far, I’m very happy with it. I could only track down a medium nib so it’s a bit wetter than I typically like but I’m very satisfied. Clearly there are more Kaweco purchases in my future. Lovely review.

  3. I know this is an old but I have recently discovered Kaweco sports and they are Brilliant! I have had Visconti and Montblanc but these little Kawecos work like magic and are fun to boot!

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