Review: Midori Pocket & Envelope Notebooks

Midori Pocket & Envelope Notebook

The Midori Spiral Ring Pocket and Envelope Notebooks are so simply utilitarian and classy I couldn’t resist them. They are both 3.5″x5″ with the covers wrapping through the spiral binding.

Midori Pocket & Envelope Notebook

The Pocket Envelope has cream-colored, folded sheets that create a pocket to slip loose ephemera. You can write notes on the pages which would make this a great small notebook to collect travel ephemera like tickets, wrappers, stamps and such.

The Envelope Notebook is filled with kraft envelopes with a clear plastic window. This notebook is going to be my stamp storage since the envelopes do have flaps to keep the contents from falling out.

Midori Pocket and Envelope Spriral Notebooks

They are both beautifully constructed, durable and elegantly simple. LOVE!

Midori Pocket & Envelope Notebook

Both notebooks are available from European Paper for $8.35 each. There are also larger editions of both books for bigger collections.

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  1. I can’t handle this. I think I’m about to lose my mind. They make a notebook and the pages are themselves tiny envelopes! I want to fill them with tiny documents and put tiny stamps on them! This is ridiculous and it’s completely unacceptable and I hate that I know about it because now I need a thousand of them.

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