A Month of Letters: Week One

my letters for the first week of LetterMo

I’ve written and sent out about 10 letters this week for the first week of A Month of Letters/InCoWriMo. What I wasn’t expecting was when I posted my address last week was that anyone would actually write to me. Well, they did! I received 10 letters today so I guess if I send a letter, I really do get a letter!

I am thrilled, flattered and a bit overwhelmed. I just wanted to say thanks for the letters and to let anyone who has written to me know that replies are in progress. Also, pen, paper and letter people really are the best!

Keep on writing!


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  1. So happy that you got letters, and to see one from me in the photo was a great surprise. I too am writing a letter a day. Also, thanks to you I ordered a new Lamy Vista Clear pen and Waterman Ink from Jetpens and the Rhodia Treasure Box from Goulet Pens. it was like Christmas here today.
    AMB (All my best)

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