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Clockwise from top left:
Clockwise from top left: Long Overdue Notecard Set ($19.99), Pendleton Greetings Notecards ($14.99), Terrarium of Expertise notecards ($9.99) and Art of Instruction Notecards  ($19.99). All sets from Chronicle Books via ModCloth.

In the last week of InCoWriMo and A Month of Letters, I am seriously starting to deplete my stash of writing paper and notecards. While I love florals and pretty cards, I have a lot of male correspondents and prefer to send cards they might find appealing. I think Chronicle Books is great at providing a great range of  looks in their notecards, postcards and stationery so I picked out a few favorites. I love the Art of Instruction postcards full of vintage botanical illustrations, maps and anatomy sketches. The Pendelton set is all deep colors and classic blanket patterns — a toasty note for this endless winter in the Northern Hemisphere. I spotted the Long Overdue notecard set in the faux card catalog box while in San Francisco but knew I would never be able to fit it in my suitcase so I’m delighted to find it online. Its filled with reproductions of Library of Congress card catalog cards and the box is perfect for storing incoming letters once the cards are used up. The painted terrarium notecard set is a little more feminine but quirky and fun with great diecut shapes.

Clockwise from top left: Typewriter Notes, Woodcut notes, Cheers Notes and Rex Ray notes. All from Chronicle Books.
Clockwise from top left: Typewriter Notes ($14.95), Woodcut notes from Princeton Architectural Press ($15.95), Cheers Notes ($12.95)  and Rex Ray notes ($14.95). All from Chronicle Books.

I found even more notecards I liked at the Chronicle Books site including one of my favorite artist’s Rex Ray. The Woodcut, Cheers and Typewriter sets all have wide appeal that both men and women might like. Chronicle Books also offers more stationery sets and postcards than I can possibly list here. Check out their site or visit your favorite shops to find more great postal inspiration.

Hope these inspire you to start, finish or continue writing for February and beyond.

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  1. Hi!

    I absolutely love snail mail and sending people notes on pretty (or funny/unusual) notecards, especially when they least expect it. I love this post.

    I have to say that I love your site! I just stumbled upon it and I am hooked. I had no idea that there was an online community of like-minded pen/pencil/paper loving people like me around! Yay! : )

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