Review: Monteverde Poquito Fountain Pen

Monteverde Poquito fountain pen

The fine folks over at Pen Chalet gave me the opportunity to try the new Monteverde Poquito fountain pen (Retail price $30; from Pen Chalet, $27). Its a classic looking, teeny tiny pocket pen for sure. This is the first Monteverde pen I’ve tried so I was quite excited for the chance to take my first foray into the Monteverde pen world.

Monteverde Poquito fountain pen

The details:

The packaging was on the budget side, just a cardboard box with the pen in a plastic sleeve with an instruction sheet and a single refill cartridge. For the price point, I don’t expect presentation quality packaging but if this is a make or break for you or you were hoping to give this as a gift, I recommend creating your own presentation packaging for this pen.

The branding on this pen is quite subtle. In black on the opposite side of the cap from the clip, in small type, is the Monteverde brand name and below it in smaller text “Poquito”. I know a lot of folks are not fond on the Monteverde logo type and this is some of the most subtle application I’ve seen. Truly unobtrusive. On the top of the clip is a small emboss stamp of the Monteverde crest.

I received the chrome finish version with a “Iridium Point Germany” medium stainless steel nib. The pen has a smooth, tapered shape that made me think, “If a Fisher Space Pen and a Kaweco Sport ever merged…” then this would be the result. Good looks, totally pocketable with some steely-eyed missile man good looks.

Monteverde Poquito fountain pen Size Comparison

As the comparison to the Kaweco Sport and Liliput was inevitable, here’s a quick run down of the comparison specs:


Kaweco Sport

Kaweco Liliput

length: closed




length: uncapped




length: posted




weight: filled & capped


12 gms

10 gms

weight: filled, no cap

11 gms

6 gms

7 gms

Monteverde Poquito fountain pensize comparison

Overall, the physical size is quite comparable. For determining the width of the pens, the Poquito feels more like the size of a Uni-Ball Signo capped pen while the Kaweco Sport barrel has the width equivalent of a Sharpie marker. The Liliput is ever-so-slightly narrower than the Poquito and is the same diameter from end-to-end while the Poquito tapers on each end. Does that make sense?

I let my husband try the Poquito to get a “man’s perspective”. He found the pen too small overall but normally he prefers ACME pens. He couldn’t find his Fisher Space Pen so we couldn’t do a side-by-side comparison but he’s pretty confident that, when posted, the Space Pen is about a 0.5″ longer than the Poquito.

Monteverde Poquito fountain pen writing sample

The writing experience:

The cap posts easily and does not affect the pen’s weight. The cap actually helps to weight the pen creating a pleasing writing experience. The narrower overall width of the Poquito made it comfortable in my small hands. Its wider than the Kaweco Liliput but obviously narrower than the Kaweco Sport.

The grip section is tiny with a slight ridge where the body and cap snap together. The ridges are smooth so they are not distracting but I imagine this might not be comfortable for extended writing sessions. The cap snaps on with a satisfying click.

The nib was silky smooth out of the box. I seldom use a medium nib fountain pen but this wrote so smoothly and consistently as soon as I put the accompanying cartridge in it. Not one skip or stutter. The line weight was on the finer side of medium for a European/American nib. No lefty issues with getting the ink to flow and on the paper.

The nib is stiff with no flex but I needed only the lightest touch to write and got some nice line variation and even some shading from the black ink. I would probably prefer a fine nib but I like the look and feel of the medium and is not a make-or-break aspect for me with this pen.

If the nib is any indication of Monteverde’s other fountain pens, you’ll definitely be seeing more Monteverde reviews here soon. This pen is “full of awesome” for $30 or less.

Monteverde Poquito fountain pen


The Poquito fountain pen is new for 2014 and is also available in a dark Stone Gray, a bright metallic Turquoise and a metallic Pink finish with silver tone clip (see the colors over at FPGeeks). The Poquito line offers a stylus/ballpoint model in a similar size and an XL version.

Pen Chalet would like to offer a special discount for readers of The Well-Appointed Desk. Receive 10% off any item on their site using the coupon code wellappointeddesk, including the Poquito. Offer is good through March 31, 2014.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Pen Chalet for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. gah!!! I must have this little gem! I have small hands and fat pens hurt for more than a doodle session (I’m looking at you, Ahab!) even if they have a grip.

    I’m truly lusting after a Liliput as I dislike clips based purely on aesthetics (love it when lids have blind caps I can unscrew & remove the clip. So many are overwrought – Ahab again! – & when on small pens can dig into your hand. I digress.) and the non-tapered capsule shape of the Liliput is *very* pleasing, however the basic colour options leave just a leeeeetle something to be desired.

    However my true love is wee pink pens and a pink Poquito is now firmly in my top five “to get next” after the remaining pink sport ice series, the super wee & slim pink Ohto FP (name totally escaped me, it’s early), a Sailor Pro Gear in the translucent pink (still trying to determine if the mini comes in pink or red) and possibly a vintage Estie purse pen.

    Now, slightly OT, the Esterbrook I seek your advice on, as I know *nothing* of Esties and your posts were helpful, but I am still VERY confused with the available pens on eBay/Etsy. I could use an “ask the desk” response if at all possible! Asking: I want the smallest Estie that takes the renew points – I was told the 9000 series points were preferable but the point (har!) of the renew is that I can bother with that after purchasing the pen. I’ve seen that Esterbrook pens come in a mauvey pink, but don’t know what exactly I search for and what a decent price for a totally restored pen is. I’m willing to pay more for less hassle & a working pen, but there is large variation in prices on eBay. I am in the Bay Area and have health issues so I miss a all the pen shows. I also have difficulty with forum style environments online, though I am familiar with FPGeeks & FPN, tho hesitant to post. What models of Esterbrook are the smallest/should I search for, and what would be too much to pay? Secondarily, if given the option of 5000 series points, what fine point and/or flexible nib would be a good choice? Thank you so much!

    (and it was great to meet you at EPF! I didn’t really “meet” anyone else, but was terribly overwhelmed and not disappointed. It was an unexpected and crazy experience!)

  2. I like a hefty pen, but the small ones are good for carrying in the very tiny purse I use. My Kaweco Sport is my usual carry, but this could be a nice addition so I can have two ink colors at the ready. And the price is just right for me! Thank you for the lovely review!

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