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Vintage TOT stapler and MAX No. 10 staples

I love vintage staplers. They are good looking and often still work after all these years. Some of my favorite vintage staplers take the difficult-to-find TOT staples. Well, I took a chance and got a packet of Max No. 10 staples in green (of course) and lo and behold they fit and work perfectly in TOT staplers. They are also available in red and blue. All colors are available for $3.30 per box. If colored staples are not to your taste, plain silver No. 10 staples can be purchased in a box of 1000 from Jet Pens for $1.50.

Vintage TOT stapler and MAX No. 10 staples

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  1. Can you post a picture of paper stapled with the green staple?
    Love the color and product, just want to see what a normal paper(s) will look like.

  2. I have a stapler then size of an ink pen. And I am looking for staples to fit. The staples would have to be about a quarter of an inch wide. Do u no of any staples that size.

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