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Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook

Moleskine recently unveiled their new Art Plus Sketch Album which explicitly called out the weight of the paper stock on new books is 120 gsm (80lb). Its a cardstock cover book available as a pocket or large “reporter style” though they show it used horizontally on the site, or a 7.5″ square size. Each book has 88 pages and retail prices are $7.95 for the pocket (A6-ish) , $13.95 for the large (A5-ish) and $19.95 for the 7.5″ (19cm) square.

I am willing to try one out so that you, my fine readers, do not have to blow your hard-earned cash if these are not a real improvement over the regular paper (terrible for anything but pencil) or the “sketchbook” stock which was water-resisting, manila card stock.  I ordered one and expect to have it for review in a week or so. If it is terrible paper that makes me shout profanities, there will be a bonfire and you’ll all be invited.

Moleskine Art Plus inside

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  1. Paper in a sketchbook is so important. I agree, not a big fan of the paper in their normal jotting journals. look forward to hearing your verdict!

  2. I thought about trying one of these, but I was so sure I’d be disappointed that I didn’t have the heart. I appreciate your public service! Please try it with a light wash and some water-soluble ink. I don’t expect it to take watercolor, but it would be nice if it could take a little water media. Thank you!!

    – Tina

  3. Ana, I am very interested in your findings as I will be on the lookout for a replacement sketchbook soon. Please keep us posted. Thank you!

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