Ink Drop: March 2014 Lasting Impressions

Ink Drop March 2014

This month’s Ink Drop featured five inks known for their stay-put properties and titled the collection Lasting Impressions. These inks are all designed to be permanent or very water-proof. The colors featured were Rohrer & Klingner Salix and Scabiosa, Platinum Carbon Black (that dark sheen spot is dry ink though if I rub it with my finger, it smudges like charcoal), Noodler’s Bad Green Gator and Upper Ganges Blue.

I was delighted that, when presenting permanent inks, Goulet Pens didn’t send just black and blue inks. I had wanted to see Scabiosa in person for a long time because I do like a deeper, more complex color and it really is unique. Its a deep plum, almost purple black.

In my swash test, I really liked the woodsy green of Bad Green Gator but I’ll have a full review of the color later this week. Noodler’s Upper Gange blue is a deep blue on the edge of a blue-black while the R&K Salix is more of a denim-y blue.

As mentioned, the Platinum Carbon Black left a shiny deposit in my swash test when dry and when I ran my finger over it, it smudged like charcoal pencil. The swash had been sitting for almost 24 hours when I smudged it. Keeping in mind, this was not a writing sample but it is definitely a black ink that is going to stick around.

Overall, these colors seem more sedated and subdued than their less-permanent, more-vibrant brethren. Not that subdued is a bad thing at all. I find their muted colors to be pleasing.

Both of the R&K colors are iron gall inks and I know a lot of people are concerned with potential damage to their pens as a result of these inks. I don’t know much about caring for pens with iron gall inks or other permanent inks but I think if you change your inks at least monthly, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. If concerned that any of these permanent inks might stain or clog your favorite pen, I recommend trying it first in a cheaper pen (maybe a Plaltinum Preppy or a Pilot Metropolitan) before trying it in your top-dollar or vintage pen.


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  1. I don’t know whether the star on the Noodler’s “Bad Green Gator” sample is to denote that the ink has been reviewed or whether the ink is not a good ink but I was really disappointed with the performance of “Bad Green Gator”. Both this, and last month’s Noodler’s “Polar Brown” had excessive spread/feathering on 90 g/m^2 Clairefontaine as well as show through that bordered on bleed through. To top it off, “Bad Green Gator” was a PITA to clean out of the pen. Both pen flush AND a trip through the ultrasonic!

    Both R&K inks are great and the Platinum Carbon Black is OK but I prefer Sailor Nano Kiwa-Guro Black. I already own a bottle of Scabiosa but Salix will be on my next order now that I have had a chance to try it.

  2. There is so little iron gall in modern inks that they aren’t very dangerous. I wouldn’t leave a pen sitting for 10 months, but I’ve had Scabiosa inked in my dedicated recipe writing pen for the past 5 months and it’s just fine. I flush it about every 2-3 weeks.

  3. The Rohrer an Klingner Salix is the perfect dark blue for a realy wet pen!
    Admitted: It is on the dry side in some pens but I found it perfect in a flexy Montblanc from the 50ies. The line is wet and shiny, still dries within less than 20 seconds , has a nice shading …
    AND: There is absolutely no feathering or bleed through even on cheap copy paper or the notorious moleskin paper. No smearing either.

    Contrary to the swash samples above where the result is almost sky blue the outcome from my Montblanc almost black in the lower part of downstrokes and darkblue in the lighter segments.

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