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Washi Tape from JetPens

Sometimes I forget there’s more to JetPens than just pens. I recently went on a hunt for some cool non-pen goodies on Jet Pens. First, Jet Pens is now stocking an assortment of washi tape. I got a roll of MT red cross tape  ($4) and a roll of Pine Book Nami Nami deco tape which has keys and locks printed on it and a wavy edge ($3.65).

MT is THE original brand of washi tape and the best quality by far. The printing on the tape is always very good and its stickier than some of the other brands. I do hope that Jet Pens continues to stock the MT tapes and offers a wider selection of prints and sizes in the future. Those $3 and $4 rolls are a great way to bump up to that free shipping and great for adding a little color to your workspace, notebooks and letters.

Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Eco-Bags Sugar Candy

I also decided to try out the Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Eco-Bag ($10). There were about a dozen different patterns to choose from but I chose the simplest which was navy blue with colored dots on it. The pattern is Konpeitou which translated to “Sugar Candy”. I guess the dots do look like little candies.

This is one of those reusable shopping bags that fold up into a small carrying case. The carrying case was pretty heavy duty with the same fabric as the bag with a padded lining. The actual bag is shaped like a traditional tote bag (a big rectangle) with straight straps and a wide gusseted bottom which will allow it to hold lots of books, groceries or other shopping goodies. The material is considerably heavier duty nylon than other reuasble bags I’ve had and the seams are all nicely finished. I can definitely see using this for a long time. It seems durable enough to stand up to a trip through the washing machine if it gets dirty.

I might have a little trouble refolding it properly to fit back into the carrying case but I’ll cram it back in for awhile. All in all, I’m quite impressed with the bag and can see why its $10 and not $1.99. It is made to look good and last.

Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Eco-Bags Sugar Candy

So, there’s more to Jet Pens than just pens. Happy shopping (and don’t forget to bring your own bag)!

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  1. Thanks for this. I was looking at Jet Pens site over the weekend, the Whats New tab. There were 174 pages of whats new. I gave up after 40.

  2. the candies are the traditional kind of spiky shaped Japanese candies that are housed in a tin. They’re very visually recognisable a shape (like, say, a rounded tablet shape in primary colours says M&M to Americans). They’re featured in at least one Miyazaki movie – Spirited Away – they are the colourful candies that the fuzzy looking ball-shaped dust sprites eat.

    Extra cute bag! I love the long handles! I always try and fold my Risenthel totes back on the existing creases, which with slippy nylon isn’t always easy, but it looks like this has some nice strong creases to follow.

  3. Hadn’t seen these. I like the shoulder length handle and big size. Great for travel! Cute too.

  4. I was just looking at these on the JetPens site myself. I didn’t purchase at first because I was unsure about size. After reading your review, it’s on the list for my next order. =)

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