Rubber Stamp Organization

Organizing Rubber Stamps

I had been piling my stamps into a large drawer and then I will fish around looking for the one I’m looking for. It was not efficient at all. Then I pulled open my Alex drawer unit and realized I was storing notebooks in a flat file. What?!?! I know, craziness. So, I pulled all the notebooks out and put them on a bookshelf and lined up all my woodblock stamps, graphic side up, in the top drawer. All of a sudden, I am using them more often and can find exactly the one I want, when I want it. Even handle stamps stand up when the drawer is closed so those sit along the edges.

Alex Drawer Unit from Ikea

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  1. Great idea Ana. Not sure I have enough yet for a whole drawer but I like your collection. Have you ever thought of sourcing and selling stamp pads in your store? I just got my Special Delivery stamp and having a hard time finding an actual stamp pad at my local retailers. For those of us new to your stamps I would be glad to pay for a stamp pad as well. Just a thought.

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