Tad Carpenter’s Typewriter Notebook

Tad Carpenter Typewriter Notebook

Tad Carpenter, a Kansas City illustration celebrity, has recently produced a notebook with a great typewriter illustration on the cover.

Tad Carpenter Typewriter Notebook

The notebook is softback with a textured cardstock cover and each page is lined. On the inside covers are pencil patterns and on the front cover it says “Inspiration is Everywhere”. There’s a place on the first page to write your name.

Tad Carpenter Typewriter Notebook

The paper is smooth, bright white and interspersed in the book are eight illustrated quotes to inspire and delight. The lines are wider than I prefer but they are a teal blue with a pencil illustration in the upper lefthand corner on the left hand pages. The lines are a little wobbly like they were hand drawn which makes them fun and cool.

I wish some of the pages had been left blank with just the little corner illustration so that the book could be used for writing or sketching.

I didn’t do a full-fledged pen test but the paper seems decently weighted so that it could probably handle a lot of everyday writing tools.

Tad Carpenter Typewriter Notebook

All in all, this is a super fun notebook and sells for $8 so what’s not to love?

While you’re shopping on his store, check out the new Kansas/Missouri print: “A city so great, one state couldn’t contain it!” ($25) or his epic quote print “What I love most about my home is who I share it with” ($20).

Tad Carpenter Typewriter Notebook

(written with my Kaweco Sport EF filled with Kaweco brown ink — no feathering at this fine width)

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