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All specialty skills have their own languages, knitting is no exception. In fact, it has its own codes to convey patterns and notes in a way that might baffle non-knitters. The new True Brit Knits knitter’s notebook provides a great place for knitters to track projects and pattern notes complete with standard pattern abbreviations and symbols on the inside front cover and a ruler in centimeters on the inside back cover, perfect for measuring your swatches. The kraft paper covers feature red, foil stamped knitting needles too.

It’s compact, A5 size is filled with 28 sheets (56 pages) of 100gms paper with clean white paper, alternating plain sides and 4:3 ratio graph paper printed in a pale blue.  £10.00

(via My Life in Knitwear, shoutout to Laura at The Corner of Knit and Tea for the tip)

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  1. I recently became aware of another knitter’s notebook (non-square graph paper, useful info printed on the inside covers) that is available from a US shop. At first I thought it was the same book, just a different shop but on second (web) look they are different books – the US version has the ruler in inches, rounded corners, is 8×10… I haven’t ordered it yet as I just started a new notebook for my knits… Do you want me to share the shop name?

      1. Fringe Supply Co. It isn’t listed under their originals but I haven’t seen it in any of my local LYSs (nor searched for another online source).

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