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Sandy asks:

Think this is good idea?

I assume the question regards any sort of blotting stamp for security purposes. Folks seem to like these as an alternative to paper shredders as they are smaller, quieter and portable for obscuring personal information on printed material. While shredding makes sense for a lot of papers, sometimes you just want to throw those credit card offers in the trash and the only incriminating information is your address. A quick stamp, stamp, stamp might be enough to make it possible to throw the papers in the recycle bin.

The general term to describe these stamps is ID protection stamps or ID Guard stamps. I definitely think that the Max Korkoro model, with the rolling stamp and ability to refill the ink easily makes a good option. The price for any ID protection stamp seems to be about $10 which seems reasonable.

The only thing I don’t know looking at the photos and description is whether the ink is water resistant when dry. That would be the winning feature. If its water-soluble, then someone might be able to wash the ink off reveal your address or account numbers.

So I suppose I ought to order one and put it to the test, huh?

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    1. Agreed. I think it depends on the type of document. Something really important — like your social security number, I wouldn’t risk with the stamp, but your home address… probably fine. A would-be identity thief would probably move to the next trash bin looking for easier prey.

  1. At my job, we often receive documents that we need to keep that have credit card numbers on them. After processing the credit cards, we use a hole punch to remove the numbers from the document and that way we can retain the non-sensitive data in our files. We looked into stamps like this but found that if you were to run it through a copy machine, the sensitive data shows through and can be read. A simple hole punch works for us if it is a document we can’t shred.

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