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  1. Thank you for the excellent post, Ana! As a leftie, I concur with all the issues you brought up — although for many, I had been blaming the pens and not my own left-handedness for the problem! Now I understand the issues more thoroughly and can address them more accurately. I’m sad to hear that the Vanishing Point could be a problem… Ever since that gorgeous green has come out, I’ve had my eye on it. I seem to have the best luck with very-forgiving (and inexpensive) Pilot Metros and Preras.

    – Tina

    1. I’m glad I could help. I like to think of it as “challenges” and not blame myself for being left-handed. I can’t help being left-handed anymore than I can help it that my hair is frizzy and I’m short.

      And the VP might be fine for you but some lefties find the clip to be a bit awkward. Find a shop or online retailer with a good exchange/return policy and give it a try.

      1. Guys being left handed is awesome! I was born left handed but was forced to learn to write on my right! I think this has affected my creativity somehow which is really good for calligraphy and creating things pretty. Lefthandedness is a boon not a bane!

        1. Couldn’t agree more. Left-handers are the only ones in the right side of their brain…or something to that effect.

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