Fontoplumo Coupon Code for Well-Appointed Desk Readers


Frank at Fontoplumo was so impressed with the enthusiasm Desk readers had about the new Kaweco Skyline Mint fountain pen. He wanted to thank everyone for checking out his site and say thanks for all the orders. So, he’s offering a special discount code for Well-Appointed Desk readers. If you enter the code WAD2014 you get a 10% discount on anything you order. And this offer is good for the whole year.

Frank also let me know my Kaweco Skyline Mint is on the way so reviews and lots of photos will be posted soon!

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  1. I ordered! I can’t resist the color and I love my dark green kaweco sport. Thanks for the tip and discount!

  2. Thanks for the heads up!
    Just placed order for a one of each color.
    You have a fun site & it’s on my radar as of today.
    Take Care

  3. I just took advantage of this fantastic discount! I love the look of this little mint pen! I am so satisfied with the customer service from Fontoplumo as well! Another win for Kaweco too! Thanks so much.

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