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Even typewriter lovers among us occasionally have to use a modern-day computer. Why not experience the beauty and feel of a vintage typewriter while you pound out your emails or Twitter missives? That’s where the new Kickstarter Project, the Qwerkywriter comes in. Its a USB keyboard (though there are plans for a Bluetooth adaptation if they exceed funding) that has a 88-key mechanical keyboard with the classic good-looks of a vintage glass-key typewriter. The “paper feed” doubles as a tablet stand for your iPad or Android tablet.

At the $289/$299 funding level, you can receive this unique keyboard. The developer is about a third of the way to his funding goal so if you’d like to see this project come to fruition, support it today. The funding period end July 3.

Qwerkywriter with tablet

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  1. This device is cool beyond belief. I can’t help but think it’s what many of us have been looking for in our search for old IBM 5151 keyboards. But the price will, I’m afraid, be prohibitive.

    1. Yes, currently, the Qwerkywriter is a USB device so it should work with any computer with a USB port. You could double check with the creators on Kickstarter to make sure though in the “Ask a question” section at the botom of the page.

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