Out Of Pages Notebook Subscription Service

Out of Pages Notebook Subscription Service

Out of Pages is a subscription service that will send you a new notebook on a specified schedule — every month, or every 2,3,4, or six months or once a year. They break up the costs for the more frequent delivery to an initial fee plus a monthly charge spreading out the costs of the notebooks throughout the year.

They have a limited selection of notebooks: just Moleskines and Field Notes at present but if either of these are your notebook of choice, then this is a great way to keep a fresh one coming as you need it.

You can get a fresh kraft paper Field Notes sent to you every month for $4.20/month. Or a large (5″x8″) Moleskine hardcover can be delivered quarterly for $12.80 up front and $5.60/month. Or get a combination of notebooks on differing schedules.

I love the idea of subscription delivery of items you use regularly, be it socks or notebooks so I think there’s a lot of appeal to this. I hope Out Of Pages will add some other notebook options like Rhodia Webbies or Doane pocket notebooks for a greater variety or options in the near future.

Would you subscribe to a service like this?

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  1. I need you to stop linking things like this. (I’m kidding, of course. My bank balance is the one that needs you to stop linking things like this). Fortunately, I’m not a fan of either Field Notes or Moleskine, but if it were a random selection I’d be right there.

  2. I would probably subscribe but I’m afraid I don’t use them up fast enough so it would contribute to my paper hoarding. I do hope they expand the offerings to other brands.

  3. If they expanded the range I’d be interested. So far, due to your influence, I’ve purchased pencil and notebook paper themed socks from Sock Dreams, a marvelous hemp pencil bag decorated with pencils from an Etsy seller, and the Hong Kong edition of the Midori travel notebook. Reading this blog can be costly unless you learn to exercise a little restraint.

    1. Oh, and the Word indigo notebooks, two sets of those, and several inks I saw reviewed here. I’d add up what I’ve spent but I’d rather not know.

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