Pen Addict Podcast Ep. 109 with Special Guest, Me!

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Brad invited me to hang out with him on the Pen Addict podcast this week while Myke is cavorting at WWDC. We discussed Kickstarter projects, the right tool for the right job and we revisit some of our old favorites. And I got to pick the Blog of the Week! Hope you enjoy listening to us blather on. And boy, do we blather!

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  1. Ana,
    It was a pleasure to listen to you today. Once again, I marvel at the breadth of your knowledge about all manner of analog tools, especially affordable pens and paper. You really should try to negotiate for yourself a role as Brad’s or Myke’s regular co-host–an arrangement similar to the one Joan Rivers had with Johnny Carson (dating myself here) before she lost her mind. You bring a different spirit and cast of mind to The Pen Addict Podcast, which remains one of my favorites. What’s more, one of your recent posts revealed you to be perhaps the world’s most wonderful wife–you know, the one where you gave your husband a Karras Kustoms product when he had lost yet another pen. (When I make a similar request to my significant other, she tells me I ought to worry more about what I write than what I write with. Just saying.) In any event, you continue to earn high praise, both in your blog and during your guest-hosting gigs. Your blog is where I go when I have no idea where I am going.

    All the best,

    Randy Schwartz

  2. So enjoyed the podcast! You guys work great together! I am a stamper and card maker and heard you mention that your favorite paper for markers isn’t being made anymore. Have you ever tried Rangers Specialty paper? It is very ink friendly (markers, stamping, even water color). I have no affilitation, but thought you might like it. I am a big fan of their distress line of ink, and they have great distress markers as well. Those have a brush tip, and a fine tip for writing or detail work, but the wonder of these markers is they react with water so you can get watercolor effects easily.

    Here is a link to the Ranger paper….

    Thought I would share!


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