Review: Lamy Logo F Fountain Pen in Brushed Aluminum

Lamy Logo capped

I recently spotted the Lamy Logo fountain pen in brushed aluminum and clicked on the Buy It Now button before I knew what I was doing. I love the Lamy nibs for their smoothness and easy interchange-ability but I don’t like the molded grip featured in the Safari/AL-Star lines so the Logo series was a perfect upgrade. The Logo features a brushed aluminum body and a ridged grip area more conducive to overhanded (hooked) lefthanders. The cap, end, clip and grip are accented with polished chrome.

Lamy Logo Brushed Aluminum

The Lamy Logo is also a little narrower shaft overall compared to a Safari or Al-Star. If you’ve found the Safari/Al-Star to be a bit bulky in your hand, than the Logo may be a good option for you. I’d compare it to the width of a round pencil maybe a little bit wider but considerably more slender than the Safari.

Lamy nib fine

The cap is a snap cap like other Lamy pens. Its a tight snap but I suspect it will loosen over time. As it is, it will be some time before it loosens, if ever.

The Lamy Logo accepts standard Lamy ink cartridges or the Lamy comverter for even more ink options.

I purchased the fine nib version which to my writing style feels more like a medium, even in comparison to the Kaweco fine nib fountain pen. The fine Lamy nib writes smoothly so the broadness is not really a downside. Just different.

Lamy Logo writing sample

Fountain Pen Weights

The Lamy Logo weighs 17 gms, filled with a cartridge and capped so its a bit lighter than the Lamy Al-Star and unposted it weighs in at 13 gms — as light as a capped Kaweco Sport Classic.

Its a bit of an upsell at $45 from a Safari which is under $30 and the Al-Star which is under $40. But its still a good deal less expensive than the Lamy Studio or Lamy 2000. If the look of the TWSBI is not your taste, the Lamy Logo is a good alternative at a similar price point.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Jet Pens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I cannot stand the grip of the AL-Star and Safari. I think it is a higher price point but, I honestly don’t understand why the Lamy Accent doesn’t get more press.

  2. I see the clip is articulated (hinged). Therefore, I wonder if there is there a cap liner to seal the cap so the nib doesn’t dry out? You can check if the cap is sealed by blowing into it and testing if it holds pressure. Thanks for the review. David

    1. I’ll check on that but I think the cap clicks tight to the ridges on the grip area. Its not a make-or-break issue and I’m certainly not afraid that the cap will come off accidentally. That’s a plus, right?

      1. It is a plus that you report the cap caps securely – but that’s not my (critical) question. The problem I encounter with pens that have articulated clips (clips that are hinged and spring-loaded) is that when the pen is capped, the cap is not air-tight This is because the pen is lacking a cap-liner that seals the pen, so the clip hing is an air-leak. This leads to premature drying out of the nib when the pen is capped. I find this problem very often on Chinese pens. I am hoping this Lamy pen is designed to avoid this problem.

        Just put the cap to your lips and blow some air into it. If air leaks out, then the cap is NOT sealed with a cap liner or some other mechanical means. This is a problem in my opinion if the cap is not sealed.

        I like the classic Lamy-like design of this pen, it might be a step-up from my Safaris and Vista. But the price is a bit high and I’m worried about the sealed cap possibility. I cannot try this pen where I live, so I will have to buy sight unseen via mail on the Web. Hence my interest.

        I have read the multiple reviews of the Lamy Logo on the Fountain Pen Network. But my concerns about the sealed cap remain. Sorry to be so verbose – but I am interested in this pen.

        1. You are right, there is some airflow in the cap. So far, that hasn’t been an issue with the ink drying out but I would probably avoid putting bulletproof ink in the pen, just in case.

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