Field Notes Field Trip!

Yesterday, Bryan at Field Notes/Coudal Partners kindly toured us around the world headquarters (AKA their offices in Chicago). We had  great time and got to take a peek at the inner workings of Field Notes. It was an all-access pass and I am so thankful that Bryan took time out of his busy schedule to humor me.

Ready for some pictures?

Bryan Bedell at Coudal/Field Notes HQ
Bryan greeted us at the door, ready to show off all the fabulousness that is Coudal and Field Notes.

Coudal/Field Notes front desk and sales counter
Behind the door, was the front desk and sales counter for walk-in customers and pick-up orders. Its a really pretty work space.

Bob peruses the Field Notes selection
Bob peruses some of the leather covers available from Field Notes while I just ogle.

Field Notes Arts & Sciences Uncut press sheet
We got to see some of the uncut press sheets from the Arts & Sciences edition. It’s so good to see how much attention to detail they take to get the Field Notes Colors Editions just right.

Field Notes stock room
In the stockroom are piles and piles of the County Fair editions which are some of my favorites. I have sets from every state I’ve lived in.

Field Notes County Fair Editions

In the shipping area are bins filled with individual County Fair books for the Road Trip kit.

Field Notes packing zone

The packing area is efficient and well-organized and the team was busy packing up orders.

Field Notes Arts & Sciences button bins

Bins filled with the Arts & Sciences edition buttons sat prominently on the counter in Well-Appointed Desk-approved green bins.

Field Notes Stencil boxes

Totally industrial looking stenciled boxed lined the walls.

Me and Bryan at Coudal/Field Notes

I had a great time and Bryan was to ally patient with us. Thanks for a great tour!

Field Notes/Coudal mail box

Expect to find a thank you note in THIS mailbox soon!

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  1. So glad you brought me along, Ms Desk. Loved seeing the inner workings – a great tour through a great company.

  2. Awesome tour! Thanks for sharing it with us:) I just broke down and bought a subcription on Tuesday night…I’ve gotten every colors edition since the Expedition ones so it will be nice to just get them in the mail for the next year. Thanks for all you do to keep us stationery/pen/pencil addicts well informed.

  3. It’s almost like a wonderland, but at the same time, so much work.
    An effective system they’ve going.
    Thanks to them for all their hard work, and thanks for sharing your tour experience.

  4. Super neat! I’m now going to buy the country fair in my 2 states. Maybe I’ll add my grandparents to make it more than 2 ( ok, 4) so love field notes!

  5. How cool! Sounds like a great bunch of fellows. I am loving my field notes. Currently I am trying to get in better shape (ugh) and lose a lot of weight, and so I picked up a Nock Co Case to hold a field notes and am logging my progress. Perfect for my bag. I am off to get a subscription! Want to support companies like these making products here in the USA and making their dream come true.

  6. What a great country… You can make a living and create a Cult-ish following by selling (for outrageously high prices) small stacks of paper held together with a couple of staples and folded in half. You have to hand it to them for pulling it off – and thanks for the peek inside the belly of the beast.

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