Upcoming: Moleskine Voyageur Notebook

Moleskine Voyageur

Moleskine recently announced a new addition to their notebook line, the Moleskine Voyageur, A Traveller’s Notebook. The notebooks start shipping this week so this seemed like a good time to take a closer look.

The Voyageur notebook does not follow Moelskine’s standard sizing. The Voyageur is 4×7″– a little smaller than the regular A5-sized “medium” and a bit larger than the “pocket”. Its also clothbound instead of leatherette. And currently, it is only available with a brown cover. I feel like this is Moleskine’s attempt to capture some of the enthusiasm that exists around books like the Midori Traveler. Even the name is awfully reminiscent.

Moleskine Voyageur

Inside the front of the notebook are pages with information about creating printable sheets to insert into your notebook as well as a map.

Moleskine Voyageur

The pages are color coded along the edge to visual indicate three separate paper choices: lined, dot grid and blank sheets for various projects or type of note-taking. There are three color-coded ribbon bookmarks that match the various sections in the book.

Moleskine Voyageur

In the back of the book are pages that are perforated along the vertical to make to-do lists.

Moleskine Voyageur

And finally, in the back is a pocket for storing ephemera. A sheet of stickers is included with the notebook as well. I’m not sure how useful the stickers would be but I appreciate the effort.

MSRP for the Voyageur notebook is $24.95 US but vendors like Amazon are offering the Voyageur a little under retail.

Is this a notebook you’d consider ordering? I’m intrigued and I like the multi-functionality of it. I don’t think the paper will be any better with fountain pens than standard Moleskines but all the little extras make it seem like its a better value than a plain Moleskine. What do you think?

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  1. It’s all about the paper for me, No amount of cute stickers or cloth covers are going to make up for the fact that the papers not up the pens of my choice, so thanks Moleskine, but no cigar.

  2. I think it’s cute, but a bit gimmicky. Then again, I feel the same way about Midoris, soooo,,, Thanks for a great review though! If I find one in a store I’ll probably pick it up, flip through it multiple times, and then put it back. 😛

  3. +1 to Bob’s comments. The power of MTN is not just its charm, but its flexibility. I won’t be buying one.

    That said, as a mass-market product that will be merchandized on spinners in every airport in the world, I’m sure it’s a smart marketing idea and it will be very popular. It fills a hole in the Moleskine line for a product designed for travelers with more money than imagination.

  4. In contrast to previous posters, I am intrigued, and can’t wait to order one.

    Usually I don’t buy Moleskine notebooks, as for less money you can get better quality. But for a recent trip I got one of their City Notebooks. I’m not hugely worried about the paper quality, as on the go I usually use gel pens and leave my fountain pens at my desk. The paper was more than good enough for that. I really enjoyed the City Notebook, which is ‘even more gimmicky’ than this. I really enjoyed the separate sections and multiple bookmarks, and I think the different paper sections in this one will be a win. I liked having one multipurpose book for on the go, and missed the features when I returned home and put the City Notebook on the shelf. I feel this is a more ‘open’ variant of the City Notebook, which makes it suitable for all kinds of things, not just traveling. Plus I really like this colorscheme and cloth binding.

    Different products for different people. I would never buy a Tomoe River Seven Seas notebook.

    1. Thanks for the great comment! Like Field Notes which are not known for their fountain pen friendliness, I am willing to use different tools when the notebook form suits my needs. I might end up getting a Voyageur for my daily notes too.

  5. I hate to admit that I almost like it a little. Though, I thought Moleskine notebooks were branded as “travelers notebooks” themselves. And, to me, the Moleskine company has overextended itself into all sorts of products and is no longer an “elite black notebook.”

    Why is this notebook a slightly different size than the pocket notebook? That particularly bothers me.

    I like the stickers and crap that come with it, as well as the orange endpapers.

    I LOVE that it has 3 bookmarks, and multicolored bookmarks as well. More notebooks should have multiple bookmarks, they’re quite useful.

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