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Cecelia asked:

I know you’ve done some guest podcasts–can you post a list of them/links to (or point me to them if I’m missing it). Thanks 🙂

Thanks for the question, Cecelia! Here’s a list of my podcast appearances. There aren’t a lot but here they are:

  1. The Pen Addict Episode 54: The Chair Of The Desk
  2. The Pen Addict Podcast 62: Lefty Apologist
  3. The Pen Addict Episode 71: Sharpening Rainbows
  4. The Pen Addict Episode 81: You Stole My Wish List Item! – Gift Guide 2013
  5. The Pen Addict Episode 109: I Have Colors
  6. Erasable Episode 10: The Graphites of Wrath

I hope that’s more than enough of me for anyone!


Relay.FM is kind enough to provide a guest page listing all the episodes I’ve appeared on (18 episodes and counting!). Since this post, I also recorded the first 27 episodes of Art Supply Posse and appeared on an episode of Make.Do, BYOB (#29.5) and another couple of episodes of Erasable (#54 and #38).

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  1. Love your podcast appearances! Can’t wait to hear you on the Pen Addict podcast when it appears on their new network.

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