Fashionable Friday: Match Your Tools to Your Polish


I’ve been joking around for a couple weeks about matching my inks to my nail polish colors and I thought it would make an amusing Fashionable Friday post. All my friends are dizzy over the reddish purple sparkle of polishes like Darling Diva Ringer and Cirque Coronation so I thought I might find some coordinating supplies.

Do you match your inks to your pen? Your pen to your notebook? All of the above to your outfit or nail polish?

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  1. OMG this is hilarious! I match my ink to my pen, but this takes it to a whole new level. I have to go check all my polishes (another collection besides pens and inks) and see if I can do one of these with a favorite color.

  2. I actually have organic studio inside my purple Lamy Al-Star right at this moment (inked it last night…when I first wrote with it, the first thing that popped out is how much the dusty purple reminds me of a Gringnasco Knit yarn in plum). Even though I like the idea (and have enough polish to do the matching) but I guess I am more into doing that with lip colors, which I wore way more often…

  3. I am a chemist. Nail polish doesn’t stay on but, maybe I can match it to my toenail polish! I had to order the Kaweco Art Sport from Fontoplumo after seeing this, though! You have such well thought out posts!

  4. My color at last! I know how partial you are to greens of all shades but I love the lavenders, lilacs, violets, irises, wisterias and every shade in between. I just ordered the Iroshizuku Murasaki ink that I’ve wanted to try for ages. Now you’ve curated a lot more purple items to put on my wish list.

  5. Hahaha, I actually DO sometimes match my nail polish to my pen or my ink. But it’s mostly because I like to collect things in my favorite colors – like neon yellow!

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