Ask The Desk: A Fine-Tipped Refill for a Hex-o-Matic


I have a Retro Hex-o-matic and looking for a refill with a fine point. Looking for something like the Schimdt easyflow 9000 but in fine point. What would you recommend?

Since the Retro 51 Hex-o-Matic ballpoint takes a standard sized Parker-style refill, you have a lot of options. According to the Epic Refill Guide, there are lots of options but since you are specifically looking for a fine point refill, let’s see what I can find…

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 4.09.20 PM

Fisher Space Ballpoint Refills are available in a fine point. Monteverde makes a soft-roll needle point refill and a “capless” fine point gel refill. Schmidt makes the P900 fine point ballpoint refill. Visconti offers a gel refill in fine as well.

I’m sure I overlooked a gem or two from the Epic Refill Guide but these should get you started. Check you local big box office supply store as they may carry Monteverde as well as other possible options or search Amazon.

Happy writing!

For a review of the Hex-O-Matic ballpoint, check out The Clicky Post.

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  1. ooh, great question. I would finately go for one of the OHTO fine points. They write very smoothly, with no splodging and have a very black line. Jet Pens and cult pens have them

  2. Retro 51 gives the impression the P8126 rollerball refill will not fit the hexomatic or the tornado slim models. Means a pilot g2 size refill also can’t be hacked in due to diameter.

    1. Correct. The slim models take a Parker style refill. I suspect the hexomatic take the Parker refill as well but I’d have to double check.

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