Field Notes: “Unexposed”

For the Fall edition of the Colors subscription series, Field Notes is definitely keeping it under wraps, figuratively and literally. This collection is called “Unexposed” and sounds like it will feature a random assortment of books from a range of six possible covers.

What do you think it will be? Are you annoyed or intrigued?

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    1. I promise to wait a week before posting too much about the subscription until current subscribers have received their edition but not so late that new subscribers can’t hop on to this edition.

  1. Honestly a bit frustrated. I much prefer the editions with thicker paper, so that I can use a fountain pen with it, and so only buy when that’s the case. Not knowing anything about even the paper means I’m likely not going to purchase.

    1. The info on the Unexposed page says its the “reticle graph” (“sort of a hybrid of our popular dot-grid and graph papers”) previously used in the Night Sky edition on “our usual beloved Finch Opaque text paper.” Not the best fountain pen paper but a good standard.

  2. Interesting idea but it getting into trading card territory.

    I wonder just how random a pack is ?

    When they say 20 combinations that should exclude 2 or 3 of the same cover in the pack. Although I think there would be around 120 combinations in that case.
    Maybe it is just random pack selection then ?

  3. Funny, the one thing they should’ve bleeped out, they didn’t. I purchased some Field Notes once and really like the quality, but it’s their choice of language in some of their online content and in their notebook covers that causes me to back out of ordering again, even though I’d really like to. Course, guess I could mark out the inappropriate stuff with a Sharpie like I did in the batch I did order.

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