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Link Love Link MascotEvery week I scour the dozens of pen and paper blogs and hundreds of posts to bring you (what I think is) the best posts in the digita pendom. I hope you enjoy them too!

Link of the Week:

Pantone Color Test

Can you align the hues into a perfect transition? I scored a 12. Post in the comments if you beat my score! (I forgot who sent me this link, so sorry! via Inkdependence)




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      1. Yeah, it could have. No big deal. I didn’t invent it or anything. I found it in the Reddit sub for fountain pens. I’m glad it’s getting around, though.

  1. I got 0 (perfect colour vision) on the Pantone test! I did this a few years ago and got the same result, so good to know I haven’t changed! I have terrible eyesight and have to wear glasses all the time so good to know my eyes are good for something…

  2. Perfect score of zero! You would think I would be better at colour correcting my photos but now I might go down a rabbit hole of relative vs absolute colour perception… It is at least vaguely related to the work I am meant to be doing.

  3. When I saw my score, I thought, “It’s not possible.” Then I saw that the perfect score is zero.
    I got a perfect zero, showing once again my love for color.

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