LWA Fountain Pen Laboratory

LWA Fountain Pen Workshop

The Letter Writers Alliance is hosting a Fountain Pen Lab next Saturday in Chicago at the amazing Greer Stationery Shop. The lab is limited to 6 people and the lab fee includes a Kaweco sport demonstrator pen with a medium nib as well as all their experiences and knowledge about using fountain pens and improving penmanship.

Fountain Pen Laboratory
Saturday, Oct. 11th from 1-3pm
Location: Greer, 1657 N Wells St, Chicago, IL
Fee: $75

Go to the Letter Writers Alliance blog to register.

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  1. $75 ?? If the “students” get into fountain pens they will soon realize what they paid for. Not in the fountain pen spirit I have encountered in the past year. Wow!

    1. Hi Sandy! Sorry you feel that way about our workshop. We are trying to get people over their intimidation of fountain pens and are supplying a lot of materials (booklets, a fountain pen, stationery, and future pen consultation) on top of the lesson plan, which affects the class fee. I’d love to hear your thoughts on promoting a positive fountain pen community. I’m also interested in what kind of pens you use! Feel free to email me: hello (at) letterwriters (dot) org

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