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Just launched today is the Spark Notebook Kickstarter project. The idea behind this notebook is to provide one place for all your planning, ideas and projects in a sophisticated package. The book seems to embody a desire to help get you organized and focused on your project and goals above everything else. And in a really clean, appealing package in the process.

Between the simple black covers are 200 pages that feature:

  • Yearly Goals & Mission pages
  • Yearly Theme page
  • Monthly Overview (6 months)
  • Monthly Goals (one for each month)
  • 30 Day Challenge (one for each month)
  • Weekly Inspiration
  • Weekly Goals to prioritze goals
  • Weekly Overview
  • Project Planner
  • Meeting Notes
  • Lined pages for notes
  • 20-Blank, perforated pages
  • Two-page markers
  • Date-free calendars

Spark Notebook page view

The books are 5.75×8.25″ (145 x 210 mm) in size, comparable to a standard Moleskine Large notebook or a Leuchtturm1917 large notebook. The paper inside is 70# white, enough to keep most pens from showing through or bleeding to the reverse side.

Anyone who backs the project will receive access to downloadable PDFs of the page layouts to start using the moment the funding campaign ends, so you can start using the system right away.

For a  $25 pledge, you can reserve one notebook. Its a little pricier than the average lined or grid notebook but a lot of additional content is provided within the covers. A pledge of $79 will get you four notebooks to stockpile or share with co-workers, family or friends and reduces the per unit price to be quite competitive with the average Moleskine or Leuchtturm1917 notebook.

Spark Notebook Info

I was just thinking it was time to pull all my note taking and project management between two covers. Maybe this is THE solution for me.

Will you back this project?

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  1. How do you think that this will compare to the Bullet Journal? I know that Bullet Journal doesn’t have the calendar pages in the same way, but it is set up to be used that way and it’s definitely about the productivity system. It’s also being developed in conjunction with Leuchtturm1917, so you know that the quality of the journals will be good.

    Interested to know how you think they’ll compare and whether there will be overlap between the two.

    1. Its an interesting thought. I think Spark and Bullet are two similar but different systems. That Bullet Journal is working with Leuchtturm mean their end product will be good quality paper AND a good system. Spark is putting a lot of different forms in their notebook so their may be more than you want. Spark sounds like they considered their paper choice thoughtfully but I won’t know for sure until I have one in my hand. Are you backing either or both?

      1. I backed the Bullet Journal because I’m using that system in my Hobonichi Techo planner, though I also take a lot of written notes which is where I’d use the notebooks.

        The problem with Spark is that, while the video talks a lot about how everyone needs a wonderful system that isn’t embarrassing to pull out in a high level meeting, and I completely agree about that, it almost seems like they might be trying to cram too much in there. I’m certainly curious about it, but it’s on the expensive side and, unlike Bullet, they don’t actually say whose paper they’re using. If I saw a review by someone whose opinion I trusted on paper quality (you, Mr. Dowdy, etc.) then I might be more willing to back it. Just saying “high quality paper” doesn’t necessarily guarantee that.

        1. I did ask the creator about the paper which is how I found out it was 70# but I didn’t get any details beyond that. My feeling is that the Spark Notebook is focusing on the “system” that they created– some of the pledge levels even feature instruction on best using their system — rather than the overall quality of the book and paper. Folks like us tend to focus on the best quality tools and will build our system to suit our personal needs.

          I’m just pleased to see more people pursuing paper-based products, whether they meet my specific needs or not.

          1. You’re right. It’s great to see more paper-based products on Kickstarter, especially ones that are trying to help people get a system to be more successful. And it’s good that they were fast to provide information on the paper. Would be nice, though, if it were possible for you to get your hands on it similar to how Karas Kustoms have done with the CUBE during their Kickstarter.

            Either way, I appreciate your highlighting this.

  2. The Bullet is too loosey-goosey for me and the “SPARK” Notebook video was a huge turnoff for me. I felt like it was so much style over substance and wasn’t specific about stuff that was very important to me. Btw, I don’t think Leuchtturm paper is over-rated. I’ll stick with my Hobonichi and a combo of “Life,” “Apica Premium,” and Seven Seas Tomoe River paper journal.

    The REAL deal killer for me is the journal is only good for 6 months. THAT is a mistake on a handful of levels I could go on for longer than anybody would care to read. It might work for some, but not for me.

    1. I’m glad you have a system that currently works for you. I’m always nervous at changing my system even though I’ve never felt it was perfect. At present, I too use a combination of the Hobonichi Techo and two notebooks (one for personal and one for work).

      I blame Baron Fig for the overly-cinematic videos for Kickstarter paper products.

      1. You know, you bring up a good point. I was thinking about the other comments and your response and it became so obvious that NOTHING is perfect, you have to MAKE IT SO, and by that I don’t mean compromises. While we share some mutual needs and obligations, we are all still unique, as are our needs, ya know? I truly believe when I find that alternative, i will know it.

        Btw, I realized there was an important typo in my last msg. I DO BELIEVE Leuchtturn stuff is overrated. I have found a fountain pen for every situation and circumstance and I can’t go back, I really can’t. There are too many “good” pens out there at almost every price point, I am grateful I don’t have to or that my job doesn’t dictate that I do so.


  3. I thought the bit about hauling “embarrassing” notebooks out at meetings was hilarious. It was like something you’d see in a cheesy infomercial–picture a woman dropping a One Direction spiral notebook onto the table and getting laughed out of the conference room by her Moleskine-toting colleagues.

    I’m not backing the project because it’s too much money for me. I really hate to buy notebooks unless I can see them in person and I’m less and less interested in other people’s magical productivity systems. Give me a blank book with decent paper and I’m good to go.

    1. OMG, don’t even get me started! Not only are you correct, but like most people I know and come across on these blogs/forums, etc, they would laugh at colleagues totting around Moleskines because they are not FP friendly! lol
      Hey, I’m a snob, so fire me. 😉

  4. I’m easily infatuated by a fresh sharply organized notebook.

    I’m always hoping for ” the” solution.

    Can you describe how/if this could help a busy travel consultant? My projects are very detailed business trips. Constantly changing projects, some small, some large but but all demand notes and task lists. I burn through notebooks quickly.

    1. I have not held a Spark Notebook in my hand so I cannot say with clarity if it would be the right system for you. You could post a question to the creators on Kickstarter and see what they say.

      You may also want to look into the Bullet Journal System or, with such an ever-changing and complex project base, a solution like GTD may also be relevant to you. In the end, I think every person has to blend organizational systems to come up with a personalized method that works best for that one individual. I hope you find one that will work for you.

      1. I appreciate your ideas. I’m easily distracted by the next” bright and shiny” system. It’s an effort avoidance head trip that no system will satisfy.
        I’ll check your suggestions out.

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