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Have you heard about the new crowd-funded aluminum pen, the Brauller? It appears to be a pen designed to customize by slipping the refill unit out of one case and allowing the user to slide it into a different colored case while swapping out the grip and/or cap as well. The Brauller takes an assortment of standard Parker-style and European rollerball/Pilot G2 refills. So, if you’re looking for something new and different from the Render K, TechLiner, Pen Type-A or Ti pen, than maybe you’ll be interested in this.

From the product description, it sounds like the pen will be created in the designer’s Portuguese city of Vale do Ave so be aware that “international shipping” theoretically means anyone not living in Portugal.

I really want to like this product but it feels a little gimmicky to me. Rather than having two functional pens in two barrel colors, I could end up with one functional pen and a change of clothes for it that I’ll need to store and keep track of.  Also, the video included does not show how assembly and re-assembly occurs. Its a very opaque video that doesn’t really show the pen in action. Sadly, with a new product developer, I need to see the product in more detail, the creators and generally speaking more technical information rather than a flashy “magic” video.

Is this a project you might back?

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  1. Hi Ana, i will try like to be as clear as possible but because i´m not expressing myself in my native language at some point i might get lost in translation and misunderstood, so please feel free to contact me (you or anyone reading this) to
    Thank you for the honesty, i always like to have an opportunity to tell more about Brauller. Firstly allow me to explain that “Vale do Ave” is not a city, it is a region made by a group of cities that work together as a business cluster, the city i’m living is Guimarães (2012 European Cultural Capital).
    I´m sorry that the project is feeling gimmicky (i like this word) , you see, Brauller realy is something new and different from the examples you have mentioned and because we are aware of the possibility of not reaching the funding goal; and because our dream will not end by then, we were a bit hesitant to reveal to much about Brauller´s design, still we will think of a way to do an uptadate containing a video showing how assembly and re-assembly occurs (thank you for the tip).
    At this moment we are working on a click system, this means that you will be able to choose beetwento using your Brauller with a cap or with a click system (i´m making a new revelation here) please note that this system will not be available during this Indiegogo campaign. When we designed Brauller we made a ruller sleeve for it, but in the meantime we found out that there are already some examples with this feature so we decided to delay this upgrade, we´re deciding now about making it available or not, if we do there´s a chance this happens during this campaign because the prototype is done. I´m making this revelations here because we want make clear that Brauller is not a project for us to earn a few bucks, and call it a day (think i´m using the correct expression) we want this to be the begining of something, we want to keep reinventing this tool…forever. If we reach our funding goal be sure that everyone will recieve the promissed perk and once in hands we believe no one will be dissapointed. About the international shipping, you are correct, means anyone outside Portugal, i´m sorry there´s nothing we can do about it. Though we will create new perks featuring more than one Brauller, this way it will be possible to share the shipping fees.
    Thank you for the words and for the support…and for fighting agaisnt my poor english.

    Best regards,
    Hélder Fernandes

    1. Hélder,
      Thanks for sharing more information about the project and being willing to provide more detailed information about how the pen and its body will work. Please let me know know when the project is updated and I will share the information with my readers.
      Best wishes and good luck with the project!

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