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Click Tape

Back in May, I backed the Click Tape project on Kickstarter. I pledged to receive a three-pack of tape dispensers in three colors: lime, teal and navy blue. I, of course wanted to be sure I got my “signature color” lime and I planned to give at least one Click Tape dispenser as a gift.

Each dispenser came in a simple box with one roll of cello tape. My boxes took a bit of abuse by the postal service so I didn’t photograph them but I admire the effort to package the tape dispenser and tape roll and there is a die cut hole in the side of each box placed to reveal the color of the dispenser without having to label the box in any way.

They finally arrived this past week and the Click Tape dispensers are exactly as they were described in the Kickstarter campaign. They are a smooth, matte molded plastic shape (hollow on the underside) with a round disk to hold a standard roll of cello tape.

Click Tape

The teeth are placed so that the tape tears easily but the teeth are not extended out over the edge. It makes it possible to carry this with you in a bag without impaling yourself. Very clever indeed.

The one thing I discovered when I had these in my hands is that the standard cello tape width (0.75″ wide) is wider than most of the washy tapes I own which are only 0.5″ wide. I was so hoping that the Click Tape dispensers would make great washi tape dispensers since I have about 100 rolls. I did find a couple rolls of washi tape that were 0.75″ wide and they fit into the dispenser just fine.

Is it too much to hope that Click Tape will expand their offering to include a 0.5″ sized dispenser? I’d buy a dozen of those too!

Hopefully, there will be an online store soon for folks who didn’t get in on the Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. Oh, I do hope they are for sale someplace soon. I would love yellow, red or clear, I’d get at least 3 as I have a good supply of washi tape as well.

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