Giveaway: Word. Memorandum 2015

Word. Memorandum 2015

Several weeks ago, I decided I wanted one of the Word. Memorandum 2015 notebooks ($11). I ordered it at the same time I ordered the Polygons and Indigo Word. Notebooks. Then I went full-tilt on ring-bound planners so it feels extraneous to keep this beauty to myself.

The Memorandum us beautiful with a rich brown cardstock cover, stamped in gold foil. Inside is fabulously, classic design elements for tracking your days (week on two pages) as well as spaces for indexing and personal information as well as a list of holidays.

Word. Memorandum 2015

The Memoradum is just 2.35″ x 5.25″Β  so it will slide easily into the smallest pocket. A fancy leather cover is available for purchase from Word. Notebooks ($40).

Word. Memorandum 2015

Designer Jon Contino is responsible for the stunning typography and design and it is awesome. He has a great eye for classic design and it shows.

Word. Memorandum 2015

TO ENTER: Since I’ve decided to rely on a ring-bound planner, I’d like to give this to a lucky reader. Do you want to account for your days with this fabulous planner? Tell me in the comments what events you’d like to track in the Memorandum to be entered to win.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, January 9, 2015. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Saturday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone β€” pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 30 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. This giveaway is open to all readers! Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money.

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  1. As a project manager, these types of notebooks are great for keeping track of meetings, go-live dates, and tracking general issues that need to be addressed by certain dates. Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. I would like to use the planner to track the times when I need to be chauffeuring my niece to and from ballet, singing and her Young Musician School events and my nephew to football training and piano lessons. I would also be adding my sister’s travelling arrangements for her work as a double check for when I need to be there for them.

  3. I’d like to track all my important dates related to school. More importantly, I want to schedule work for myself related to the pen blog I am planning & saving up content for.

  4. It may make the perfect daily word count tracker! Carrying it with me would be a constant reminder to get some words done. Thanks for the opportunity Ana!

  5. I’ve recently started my own consulting business, so a notebook like this would help me keep track of client meetings and brief details for those meetings. As well as help me plan for my (hopeful) expanded adventure events/competitions schedule for this year. Thanks for the opportunity

  6. I wanted to get my husband a great Christmas gift and even though I’m late I think this would be amazing for him to capture his daily life. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  7. I’d use it as a way to keep track of my blog’s editorial calendar – what posts are scheduled, topics / top 3 points, any themes, etc.

  8. I would like to track the weekly maintenance done on the instruments in our lab to assure its longevity; and mine as well.

  9. I could see a couple of really good uses for it: a way to track the books I read in 2015 (last year I read 156), and a place to plan and schedule blog posts.

  10. I am planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016 and this planner will help me keep track of upcoming training hikes, equipment, meals, resupply points, and all of the other little things I need to do before heading out on the adventure of a lifetime.

  11. I’d like to keep track of the things I do with my family. We have so little time, I want to remember as much as I can.

  12. I would like to track projects and to-do list at work. I have been struggling to find a good daily journal to use for this task.

  13. I would keep track of medical and dental appointments, after hours meetings, deadlines, and reminders for sales, library books, and the water bill. Thanks!

  14. I’d love to write a little something every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two, to capture the essence of the moment.

  15. I would love to have this planner. I work in Information Security; specifically in Incident Response and Vulnerability Management. I’m always meeting with different departments and individuals about security issues and keeping track is extremely difficult. I carry my cellphone, but I hate laying my phone out on a table during a meeting. A planner like this would be a great item to carry to and from meetings!

  16. As a recent graduate, I would use this notebook to organize my life. Starting work next week in a new country and there are too many things to keep track of!

  17. it’s a first with resolutions and a big one is to attempt the outdoors more (damn you agoraphobia – although been getting better) with music and events and social whatchamacallits….so a handy little planner to fit alongside a journal would be sweet! happy new year ms ana and to all your readers too!

  18. Would love to use this at work rather than bits of paper and notes everywhere. Love this site! Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. I am a Scottish Highland dance teacher, cook, jewelry maker, adult volunteer for a philanthropic youth group, and taking Irish step dance lessons. I could use the planner. I promise.

  20. I’d use it to track my russian language learning πŸ˜€
    Thank you for the giveaway, you are so generous πŸ™‚
    Happy 2015!

  21. In the last 3 months I have lost 25 pounds by carefully planning all my meals and snacks. I would use it to continue that planning on my way to losing another 30 pounds.

  22. I would use it to keep track of my volunteer work with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It’s great to have a pocket sized planner for meetings and in the field.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  23. I would use a boo like this to track my exercise and physical improvement progress. Thanks for the opportunity & Happy New Year!!

  24. Oh this is lovely <3 I would use it to write don my bookish notes and academic plans. Thank you so much for the chance!

  25. I am learning Sumi-e…so I would track the lessons completed, with notes on theory and supplies as well.

  26. I would like to keep track of my daily to-dos as well as appointments with this notebook. Thanks for running this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  27. I would use this to keep track of my incoming and outgoing correspondence. I write and send A LOT of snail mail and have been looking for a system to keep everything tracked.

  28. Thanks for the great contest!

    I’m planning on tracking my fun events. I haven’t been able to squeeze much relaxation and “getting away” into my life recently. It’d be nice to look back and see what I did to change that.

  29. I’d give it to my husband who would use it to make lists of the weird things we talk about. Then later look at the lists and have no idea what they are supposed to mean.

  30. What a lovely way to welcome the New Year! Thank you for your generosity. I would use to track the elusive birthdays I seem to always forget, the thank you’s to pay forward the kindnesses shared and to jot one grateful thought each day and go back to review at the end of the year.

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