Show & Tell: Field Notes DDC Factory Floor Edition : “Simple Minded Silver Streak”

Field Notes DDC Factory Floor Silver Streak

This is my first DDC Factory Floor edition of Field Notes. These were released for the Draplin Design Pop-Up Store in Portland but a handful were made available on the Draplin website. I was able to score two 3-packs.

I’m feeling oddly collector-y about these. Usually when I buy two sets of Field Notes, I give one set to my husband and as soon as he saw these he was all grabby hands and I swatted him away.

Each of the three books has a different color cover: metallic silver, orange and a copper-y color made from combining the orange and silver inks. Inside is bright white 50# paper with orange grid ruling. All of this information I’ve had to cull from the internet because I can’t bring myself to break the shrinkwrap seal yet. For a more in-depth review, check out the Gentleman Stationer who had the decency to take these out of the wrappers.

Field Notes DDC Factory Floor Silver Streak backs

In retrospect, I think I should let these be opened and used in the manner they were designed to be used. Leaving them in shrinkwrap indefinitely is no way to live. I think in 2015, I hope to stop “collecting” and start using the Field Notes I’ve accumulated.

How about you? Collector or user?

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  1. For about a second I toyed with never tearing the shrink wrap off my Field Notes, but I’m sure glad I changed my mind. As soon as I get them, I take off the shrink wrap to store them in my desk drawer. This way, I never feel like any are more precious than the others, and I just happily plow through them (as is their purpose, right?). Don’t succumb to collecting them, rather enjoy them and then the next ones that come out, and the next ones, etc. 🙂

  2. I have been using this edition and even gave one book away. And I gifted a three pack. Great list of practicle uses. The cover has held up pretty well also. And the copper-y color is called “copper pipe night raid” 🙂

  3. More on the side of use. If I ever do have any special ones. I hate it!! The guilt of using them… Great idea above to remove the shrink wrap! That way I never have pristine editions & can freely use them when the time comes

  4. I bought a second Ambition set because I love it so much. That stays shrink wrapped. And my Drink Loval set is wrapped. But everything else is open for use. I’ve gofted individual books, used sets for specific things. If I use them I can justify buying more!

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