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If you don’t or haven’t listened to this week’s episode of The Pen Addict podcast, I have a little spoiler for you.

Thanks to the generosity of Brad and Myke and all the listeners to the show, the Kickstarter  that they launched last week has exceeded their goals and expectations. As a result, the boys have kindly invited me to join them in Atlanta as the “third wheel” — I mean “third co-host”.

I am so flattered that I will be able to participate in this event and that Brad and Myke have been so generous to me.And I am grateful to all the backers who have made this possible. I promise to have lots of pictures, stories and products to show you when I return.

It will be the first pen show I’ve ever attended so please send me your recommendations as to what I should not miss at a pen show.

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  1. Have a most excellent time, Ana!! I’ve been thinking about getting myself there (SO tempting) but the airfare is tough to swing right now. Looking forward to all of the reports from the show! You’ll have a blast and the pens will make your head spin (in a good way)!

  2. Get one (or more) of your pens nibmeistered: John Mottishaw, Richard Binder, Pendleton Brown, Mike Masuyama. Tim Girdler, if he is there, is Binder-trained, & would work as well. They will watch you write & tweak the nib to perfection for you. Also, if Edison Pens is at the show, expect some lovely pens & deals! Try some vintage nibs & take advantage of the deals! Most of all, enjoy yourself!

  3. I’m one of those Pen Addict podcast listeners and KickStarter backers. I’m glad you’re going and that part of my money will help in that effort. This is a neat community we have going and I’d like to see it continue and thrive. Have fun!

  4. The Square Space Podcast formerly known as The Pen Addict… sorry I’ve stopped listening because of the way SS has ruined so many podcasts with the constant plugs for this service

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