Take That, Square Corners!


There’s a certain advantage to living with a printer. I get business cards at an exceptionally good price. I also get access to some very specialized equipment. Like an industrial-grade corner rounder. The model we have is a Lassco and its got some miles on it but would you believe they still sell them? They are available on Amazon for about $160 with either a 0.5″ corner or a 0.25″ corner. The blades are replaceable as well to the tune of about $85.

This is not a purchase for the faint of heart. You might be better off making friends with a local printer who may have one of these squirreled away in the corner of their shop somewhere that they might let you borrow. Or keep an eye out for one at a local auction or flea market.


One of the first things I did with my inserts for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook was to put the corner rounder to good use and soften those sharp corners. It make the notebooks look more finished and gives them a Field Notes vibe.


Amazingly, the notebooks all easily rounded without a lot of force or any jagged edges. Industrial, for sure. And super easy to use since its all manual. It works like a standard three-hole punch but for corners rather than holes.


Don’t they look so much better? I imagine the same trick could be accomplished, albeit a bit slower, with a handheld corner rounder available in the craft supply big box store near you for about $10.

Now, excuse me while I go ROUND ALL THE THINGS!

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  1. Oh yes, I remember these from some former employments. Should it ever make its way into my budget, I too will round all the things! One of the holiday gifts I received was a stapler that swings out to do staple-bound booklets, so I am part-way to living in my own private bindery…

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