Align Stapler

Align Stapler

Have you ever wished you could make your own booklet or wish the stapler arm was just a little bit longer? The Align Stapler might be just what you need. The stapler and base are held together with a magnet and can be pulled apart to give you a longer reach when needed. You can staple anywhere with the Align.

And since its magnetic, the stapler would stick to your fridge!

Align Stapler

This would be a good option for anyone wanting to create their own inserts for the Midori Traveler’s Notebook for sure. While it would not be as heavy duty as a long arm saddle stitcher (that’s the technical term!), for a mere $7, this would be a good option for the casual booklet-maker.

(via Quirky)

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  1. there’s more negative comments than positive which is a pity. i make my own books…aside from the various stitching and binding…this i thought would be so cool! plus i came a cross a stockpile of coloured staples.
    it’s a pity and for most of you people USD 7 is nothing but for those of us who enjoy stationery and don’t mind spending (shipping included – i find a lot of US blogs tend to complain about this aspect) it doesn’t come across as a quality construct. the bottom not quite sticking when you need to, the fear of inserting staples.

    thanks though for something interesting for a change! hopefully it gets better with the reviews and comments on the site.

    1. At $7, I hoped it would be a working solution for folks looking for a longer reach stapler since saddle stitchers are upwards of $50 or more. Its sad that reviews are less than glowing but I hope that with all the interest, the manufacturers will make improvements since its a great idea for a very reasonable price.

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