Ask The Desk: TARDIS Blue Ink?


This message popped up in my Twitter this morning, which I found was very timely after my outrage at the lack of pop culture-themed inks.

@JetPens asked:

@wellapptdesk Just last week, @DQuartermane asked us what fountain pen ink is closest to TARDIS blue 😛 We said Sargasso Sea. Thoughts??

I hate to be too picky here but, over the years, the actual shade of blue for the TARDIS has changed so there will be room for disagreement as to what the “one true blue” should be.



I think Diamine Sargasso Sea is an excellent option — more Matt Smith-era TARDIS than David Tennant. And Diamine Majestic Blue might be a great Eccelston-era blue.


J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean would be a good option as well for a more Tennant-era TARDIS. Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Goa would be my choice for a Capaldi-era TARDIS blue and my favorite choice (but I love Peter Capaldi so I’m biased). And I did not delve into blues that might match earlier generations of the Doctor either. Please… discuss!

(Just to establish my geek-cred, this was my Con TARDIS costume from last year)

(All ink photos from Jet Pens)

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  1. Epic costume! I’ve not done cosplay (or a con, actually) since my ex and I did Vastra and Jenny. Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor, but I prefer Tennant’s TARDIS.
    Shame I don’t like blue ink lol

  2. But Dr.Who dates back to the 1950’s or ’60s here in UK. Back then it was in black and white anyway and Metropolitan Police Boxes were Royal Blue like the rest of their signage. Parker Blue-Black Quink was probably the only fountain pen fuel around. Is it still available in those slab/diamond cut shaped bottles and does it still have that unique smell? And what was it?

  3. Thanks for bringing much-needed attention to this critical question. For me, picking the “one true blue” would be like picking my favorite Doctor — impossible!

  4. Love the article! But can’t we get Nathan to come up with THE Tardis ink, so we can display the bottle every time we fill our pens?

    And speaking of pens, when is someone going to put out a fountain pen that looks like the 4th Doctor’s scarf? Just not 12′ long, please!

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