Atlanta Pen Show: Day Two

Atlanta Pen Show: Day Two

Day Two of the Atlanta Pen Show was full of just as much fun and adventure as the first day. Saturdays at pen shows are generally busier than Friday or Sunday so the rooms were full-to-brimming with pen collectors from far and wide. It was great fun that by Saturday, both collectors and vendors were starting to become familiar faces and everyone was friendly and talkative. As an introvert, that usually makes me feel a little awkward but here the conversation feels easy. Folks will ask about what you’ve bought and what you’re looking for and the next thing you know, you’ll have pulled up a chair and gotten to hear how a vendor found their first pen, their best score or the most unusual thing that’s happened at a pen show.

In the late afternoon, Casey (AKA Punkey) organized a pen and ink play time that lasted until past midnight as people cycled in and out. Everyone pulled their unique, rare or just favorite pens out and let everyone try them out. This gave everyone an opportunity to try any nib style or custom grind they’ve ever wondered about as well as getting a chance to handle a huge variety of pens in a more comfortable setting. Not to mention getting to hear acquisition stories!

Atlanta Pen Show: Day Two

The photos above were all liberated from the Pen Addict Slack channel and were taken by Leigh, Brad and Thomas.

Pen play lasted right through the recording of the 150th episode of the Pen Addict podcast which I was kindly invited to be a part of. And it was video recorded for the Kickstarter backers so that you’all can see just how many silly faces and wild hand gestures are used when we get excited about pens. Brad even took the Visionaire for a test drive.

Atlanta Pen Show: Day Two

I’m looking forward to Day Three which will include getting a nib tuned by Mike Masiyama and hopefully having time to take a calligraphy class with Deborah Basil. What a weekend!

To see all the photos in their full glory, please see my Flickr Album: Atlanta Pen Show 2015.

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