Kickstarter: Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal Notebook

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

When I heard about the Bullet Journal Kickstarter campaign last fall, I jumped in with both feet. First and foremost, to support a project that has benefited a lot of people. But secondly, in hopes of getting a grasp on the concept of Bullet Journaling. I am starting to wonder if I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t quite understood how Bullet Journaling works. I hoped that by backing the project, I’d receive enough documentation and instruction to make the system make sense to me. I received the backer-only documentation earlier in the Kickstarter campaign and I printed it out but just reading through the material didn’t make it all gel in my brain.

So today, I watched the original introductory video to the Bullet Journal system again in hopes that the whole Bullet Method might finally stick into my head. I’m  think I need to just jump in and try the methods outlined on the video and on the web site and then hope that the details fill themselves in for me.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

I just received my special edition Bullet Journal notebook created by Leuchtturm 1917 for the Bullet Journal Kickstarter and it has a lot of really nice features included. There are three ribbon bookmarks to mark multiple spots in the book as you work as well as pre-printed pages for the index, page numbers (which is a feature of all the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks) and a guide to using the Bullet Journal system printed in the book. The remainder of the pages of the book feature page numbers and a light dot grid for maximum flexibility.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

The notebook is a standard Leuchtturm 1917 Medium size (145 x 210 mm) with 80 gsm “ink-proof” paper and 240 pages. The paper is the warm white used in standard Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. Its a pleasing creamy color that is not stark white but not some yellow-y as to alter ink colors dramatically. In the back of the book is the standard Leuchtturm 1917 pocket and the notebook has a vertical elastic to keep it closed.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

The dot grid appears in light grey dots and is pretty unobtrusive which is how guides should be. The spacing is 5mm between the dots.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

There are three bookmarks in the book – a white, black and grey – all from a textured grosgrain ribbon. I don’t think there’s quite enough color contrast between the grey and the black but I appreciate that they’ve added additional bookmarks to mark varying places throughout the notebook.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

Hopefully the “unlimited” edition will soon be available for sale to folks who did not get the opportunity to back the Kickstarter campaign but are interested in trying the Bullet Journal system in this custom-designed notebook.

If you want to try the system for yourself, visit the Bullet Journal web site to learn how to turn any notebook into a Bullet Journal.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

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  1. I am a convert, but only after I modified it to what worked for me.

    I have a task-heavy job but I use only a few categories. I have a box for a task (I like to check things off) and use three dots for waiting for something. I make a weekly list (always) and a daily list only when necessary. I don’t bother with a monthly. I also have a long-term to do list.

    What really works for me is using the next page for whatever it needs to be (notes, drafts of memos, whatever) so I have everything in one place.

    It also helps to have all your favorite gear. I use a Montblanc 149 (purchased used, yes, I have to mention that) loaded with Sailor Yama Dori on a Tomoe River journal from Nanami Paper, and a nice leather case from Hobonichi. That way I *want* to carry and use it. I got in on the Kickstarter to support them but will probably give the journal to a friend.

  2. I’m with Carolyn–take what works for you and leave the rest. I actually have a Bullet Journal section in a Filofax for daily tasks, but put all appointments and meetings on the week on two pages spreads.

  3. I missed the Kickstarter by 2 hours…always a bit late to the party. I hope to trial the unlimited. Nice Estie, btw…

  4. Bullet journalling for 2 years now, love it. Is your new journal fountain pen friendly, requirement for me.

  5. I believe I saw the video early on. Didn’t you mention it before. Anyhow, I have been using the format with a junior sized Levenger Circa with grid pages. The junior size plastic cover fits into a military surplus zip cover I ordered from e-Bay, which I could get my name on. I find it very useful to be able to insert pages where I want to insert them. After the month is over, I do index, as well. It has really helped me to keep track of my work and I get this bonus of getting to see what I have accomplished. Probably, it is this fix of getting to see that I actually did accomplish something as I am very hard on myself.

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