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rp_link-ana111.jpgSadly, the biggest story for me this week is not about the release of a new pen, the unveiling of a new Field Notes edition or how to best pack pens for travel (to the Atlanta Pen Show). This week, the big news is that Hallmark Cards is laying off another 200 employees in its Kansas City headquarters, specifically in the creative and product development division Guess where I work? The final decisions will not be made until May or June so, in the meantime, the stress of knowing if I will still be employed and/or how many friends and co-workers will I have to say goodbye to will be hanging heavy in my heart.

Now onwards, to less depressing news in the pen, paper and pencil world.

You might want to listen to this week’s The Pen Addict Podcast: Episode 148 – Like An Internet Radio Show to hear Brad, Myke and I talk about preparations for the Atlanta Pen Show, just weeks away.

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear of the layoffs. I hope you will stay on, but if not…other doors always open. You have great skills and talents and will move on to other good things! I’ve learned from my own bumpy work history that this is so – it’s a stressy process but tends to work out. Thank you for sharing this news with us, we’re with you, you do a great blog!

  2. I know how you feel, I was there a year ago and it is part of the reason I can’t post on my blog as much. My new job just does not leave me with as much time as I had before. Hope everything turns out well for you. Thanks for the mention!

  3. Hi Ana, I thought of you when I read about Hallmark voluntary retirements and layoffs in the Kansas City Star. I hope you keep your job, but it’s sad to think of those who won’t. As you mentioned, the wait won’t be easy.

    I’ve been disappointed to see made in China on Hallmark greeting cards. I emailed them about that. The response was to let me know what was still done here (this was probably last year). I don’t see shipping paper over the oceans as smart, but I not a bean-counter.

    Unfortunately the climate now is to reduce staff, and divide the work among who is left without raising their pay.

    I wish you the best through this. Reading your posts helps us get to know you. It’s rather one way, but you know we love the things you do since we found your blog.

  4. Sorry to hear about the lay-offs. I was made redundant over 10 years ago, it was the start of a journey for me, that eventually lead to me doing Philofaxy full time, thanks for the link to my post 🙂

  5. I have been reading your posts for the last 2 years and it is something that brings me joy. I am sorry to hear about the lay-offs and hope that you don’t take it too hard. Life is an adventure and too short to live in sadness.

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