Midori Traveler’s Notebook: Pan Am Edition

MTN Pan Am Edition Blue leather notebook

OMG! Have you seen these? This is the new limited edition Midori Traveler’s Notebook Pan Am Edition. Yes, that’s a deep blue, full-sized, leather MTN!

MTN Pan Am Edition

The notebook inserts to accompany the leather cover feature vintage Pan Am advertising art and contain the same great quality Midori paper. There’s a blank and grid notebook.There’s also a Pan Am-themed zipper case, bullet pen, pen loop and stickers.

MTN Pan Am Edition Grid Notebook

MTN Pan Am Edition Blank Notebook

MTN Pan Am Edition Zip case

MTN Pan Am Edition Stickers

MTN Pan Am Edition Pen Loop

MTN Pan Am Edition Brass Bullet Pen

The whole set was supposed to be released in April and I’m seeing it show up on some ebay listings and web sites for pre-order. This limited edition set may or may not be as hard to acquire as the Star Ferry Edition. But oh, how I love vintage travel ads! I’m going to pay through the nose to get these but the blue leather cover is gorgeous! Midori makes me sucha  completionist. Must. Have. All. The. Things!

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  1. I saw Braniff airlines accessories on a Japanese site. If they have a TWA version, I would consider it. I have the Star Ferry passport size.

    I think if I ever get the larger size, brown cover would be my choice. Then whatever you want to put inside….

    You are right about paying through the nose Ana. But once Midori calls us, it doesn’t seem to stop.

  2. I could not resist– ordered the blue cover/notebook on ebay yesterday– my first plunge into MTN. I need some Pan Am accessories too, but I’ll wait until they come to US retailers. What are good websites besides this one for Midori inspiration?

    1. There are lots of good ideas for Midori inspiration on Pinterest and from there, that should link you to a bunch of great blogs. You Tube also has a ton of video flipthroughs of folks’ Midori/Fauxdori set-ups. Good luck!

  3. Oh yay! I was hoping for a feature here! The moment I saw it I had to have the Collection. No doubt about that.
    I ordered from a UK site and got it roughly a month ago. I was soo impressed I got another from Kinokuniya, I think this one will need to go to my sister considering she loves the Pan Am theme all the way to Marc Jacobs doing a purse collection with it years back.

    It’s a dream for any Navy lover (like myself) I adore it and still can’t believe they made a navy! It pairs exceptionally well to my Filofax Original A5! Pretty much the same hue without the sheen.
    I think it deserves special inserts and now that Tomoe has come state side via Goulet & Jet pens, I’ll have to make inserts for it. Don’t get me wrong, cute Pan Am inserts, but I’m a sucker for some Tomoe.
    Out of my Midori collection this is by far my favorite. Although if I had the Regular in Camel done years ago, it’d certainly be neck and neck.

    For anyone that loves fine line pens like only the Japanese seem to get right. The PanAm version is just lovely. I wish they had made a functional loop to wear it as a pendant though! Which reminds me, I wasn’t too keen on its counterpart the Pen Loop Clip. It’s very narrow! Le Pen status.. Doubt it’d take a Sakura let alone anything thicker. Not happy with that purchase, I would have gotten another pen with the difference! I also thought it had an “engraved” Pan Am logo as to why I purchased it in the first place, it’s not. More like screen printed..just paint on metal.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback. The one item I was not interested in purchasing was the pen loop and your comments sealed my opinion about that. And what a great idea to pair the navy MTN with an A5 Filofax!

      1. I am looking forward to your post about it! I don’t have the time to research much with 3 children and a Husband. So you are my retreat spot when I get to decompress and my advisor for everything Pen & Paper. I also have to thank you for turning me onto the Hobonichi’s, I love it and turned it into a “Baby Book” for this year. There is just something about the A6 size I find absolutely attractive.

        I was disenchanted when Pelle closed their doors, for years I had hoped they’d make a Calendar for their mid size cover among other items.. Which I found to be the Perfect size for me. Now I’ve settled with the MTN’s enough to where I hardly miss my Pelle. They’ve certainly made it easier with all their customization products! 🙂 and now with children there is no way I can make booklets for myself in varying formats save the simple Tomoe ones.

        Thank You! I look forward to all the journeys you’ll take me through Land of Paper and it’s Ocean of Ink.
        It’s also nice to find a fellow enthusiast of fine point pens, maybe it’s an Ana thing?! lol.

    2. Nanamipaper & paper for fountain pens are both stateside and have been selling Tomoe River Paper (in journal, pad and loose, both white and cream) for a couple years. Also they are very small operations but the Tomoe river pricing is better than half the Goulet prices… for example, as of the last time i looked Nanamipaper had A4 size Tomoe River in packages of 500 sheets for $39.95….
      BTW, the 013 Midori regular size refill is thought by many to actually be Tomoe River paper. My own opinion is that it may be just a tad thicker, but may be sourced from them. Behaves exactly like it, to my hand/eye.
      I really like my Blue MTN, and am a big fan of The Pan Am flying Boat/Clipper. Enjoy!

  4. Oh, Midori, your designers are so clever. A “Star Ferry” collection? Sigh. Love this PanAm collection too.

  5. I have to say I love the PanAm pen clip. It jazzes up the cover (without making it look cutesy or junky), brings out the blue in it, and nicely holds a Sakura Pigma Micron or Signo DX or Copic Multiliner. (It won’t hold your favorite fountain pen, but that’d probably be in some other case anyway!)

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