Review: Nock Co. Brasstown Zip Roll Pen Case

Nock Co Brasstown

After being relentlessly teased in Atlanta for carrying my pens in a rolled-up shop towel, I finally purchased a Nock Co. Brasstown zip roll pen case ($35). I purchased the now-discontinued Mandarin/Mango colorway. Both shades of orange are still available but combined with more subdued colors. The Mandarin/Mango combination is pretty vivid in a don’t-lose-this-in-your-bag sort of way.

Nock Co. Brasstown

What is so appealing about the Brasstown is that the case has a divided roll that holds six pens inside a zippered case. In the photo above I included an assortment of different fountain pens to show that, with a clip slipped over the edge, a wide variety of pens comfortably fit into the dividers. Some of my pens are particularly small, like my Esterbrook on the far left and my TWSBI Mini on the far right, but since they both have clips, they don’t slide to the bottom. Even clipless pens are easy to remove from the case, even if they slide down, by pinching the bottom like a Flav-For-Ice Pop. Now that I think of it, the Mandarin/Mango colorway reminds me of an orange Fla-Vor-Ice!

Nock Co. Brasstown

Once the roll is filled, there is still room in the case to put additional tools and accessories. I like to put my “good” fountain pens in the roll section and then stick other pens in the case loose. Unfortunately, the Brasstown is not long enough for a freshly sharpened Palomino Blackwing 602 or similarly long pencils so this is definitely a PEN case. A well-loved pencil or mechanical pencil will fit however.

Nock Co. Brasstown

One of the best, most thoughtful features of the Brasstown is the double-ended zipper closure. Whether you are left- or right-handed, opening the case is a breeze. The zippers can meet at any point on the case so if you like the zippers on one end or the other or meeting in the middle, that’s flexibility exists.

Overall, I think this is one of the most useful and clever pen cases. It’s particularly useful if your pen collection is starting to include pricier, vintage or rare pens that you don’t want tossed hurdy-gurdy in a zip pouch or in the bottom of your bag. The Brasstown is priced right and made in the US by people who genuinely care about making good products.

And finally….

Giant plush smore

PS: Today’s model stand is my new giant plush S’more from My Paper Crane via Land of Nod. See her S’more on Instagram.

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  1. I received the Hightower case in the mandarin/mango combo as a Christmas gift – glad I got it before that matchup was discontinued! I am extremely impressed with the Nock products and wish the company all kinds of success!

  2. I have a blue on blue Sassafras and this Brasstown in blue on blue. I use the Sassafras every day for work. Still looks new after a year. Love these.

    1. I know that the folks at Nock Co. are working fast and furious on finishing the Kickstarter cases for the Atlanta Pen Show. Once those are completed and shipped out, regular production will resume on shop stock.

    1. I believe this color combination, while Brad’s personal favorite, has not been as popular with customers. Mr. Dowdy and Mr. Bruckwicki did suggest that they would be introducing a new color combination every once in awhile so stay tuned!

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