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Pipe Table Anatomy

I posted another set of instructions for making a cool, cost-effective pipe table but I feel required to bring it up again. Maybe its a reminder to myself to make one?

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body finished the surface of this table in a dark stain which gives it a more refined look. She did the whole project for under $200 and its real wood and metal, not Ikea particle board and laminate.

(via Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body)

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  1. Can you tell me how tall this table is? I’m planning on making one that’s counter height and on coasters and I’m having a rough time figuring out the exactly piping lengths needed for that.

    1. It looks like this table was designed to be a standard dining table. Most dining tables are approx 30″ tall with legs at about 29″ with a 1″ thick table top.

      It looks like the height of the table is 14 +11″ plus the added height of the t-joint (maybe 3-4″ of additional height) and the thickness of the table surface. So, probably right at 30″.

      Counter height is usually 36″ so you may need to cut the leg pipes a little bit longer to accomodate the additional height.

      Does that help?

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