The Downside of Teaching Your Spouse to Love Pens

I don’t know where on the spectrum your significant other, spouse or children are on the “pen love” chart but I officially converted my husband to the joys of good pens about a year ago. As a result, certain items come into my house that I never, ever, ever see again. While I’m flattered that my pen-and-paper snobbery has rubbed off on him, I get jealous of the items he absconds with.

For example, the above video was the one and only time I saw the new Retro 51 Lift-Off pen. He showed me the rocket flare red cap and then it went in his pocket. To be fair, I totally bought the Lift-Off for Bob. I was able to garner from my quick peeks that the pen graphics are designed to read corerctly with the pen on its flat end, just like a rocket. Its apparent from the photos but until it was in Bob’s hand, I didn’t make the connection. And the bright red end cap does look like ignition burn red.

Bob also ran away with the Retro 51 Pinball edition. Which I was flattered he liked so much that he wanted it for himself.

He even checks out auction sites for NASA-specific Fisher Space Pens. I’ve yet to capture a good photo of it but he scored a mission-specific Shuttle launch commemorative pen with a space shuttle charm soldered to the pen cap. He loves this pen! See? He does not share his treasures! I’ve taught him too well.

(All I got for you is the Field Notes “stock photo”. You know as much as I do.)

Also, the new Field Notes Colors Edition Workshop Edition got as far as my kitchen table before Bob slid them to his side covetously. I wasn’t even allowed to open the cellophane. So, I need to order another set for myself. I cannot describe any aspect of the Workshop Edition other than it came in a cardboard box with a lovely postal label on it. I think I spied a magnet in a plastic bag as well. Otherwise, I’ve got no details. I can’t tell you how luscious the upscale paper is or which of the six editions I’m most likely to use first.

So, my advice, train your family and friends cautiously. They might run off with the new stuff before you even get a peek!

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  1. Very cute post. Bob has good taste, though. The latest Field Notes are definitely worth absconding and the Retro 51 Pinball Limited Edition is a great pen. I have #576 and love it. Hats off to Bob!

  2. Yes!! I made the mistake of letting my wife pick a notebook, and she took the rare yellow Field Notes Two Rivers. She started with one FP, then wanted a Nockco Hightower and now wants to fill it up.

  3. Well, that all depends on the alternative. Some peopel’s spouses go “you spent WHAT on this pen? that’s just the nib? and do you really need the 359th bottle of ink? do you plan on opening an office supply store?” so all in all, having a spouse understand and like those – is not the worst thing.
    My wife, BTW, respects my hobby, while making fun of me every once in a while. I, on the other hand, don’t give her grief over her think for necklaces…

  4. This is what happens when you bring shiny things into the house. Either cats or your husband will make off with them. Perhaps you need to order some decoy items, like some disposable PaperMate or Bic pens, just to throw us off track?

  5. Fact: Retro 51 pens also turned my husband into a collector. He was resistant, then I got him the Medley pen….I was going to save it as a gift for our first wedding anniversary but he was too nosy and wanted to see it right away. I gave it to him and he proceeded to take my Marlin. Good thing I work for a locally owned office supply store!

    They are also all the rage with his co-workers, once seeing his they all ran out and bought one and he has gifted quite a few too. He still and always will think my fountain pens are too fussy.

    I have my eye on some gorgeous watch-inspired pens for him, our hobbies don’t clash because he collects watches, I always point out my pen spending still hasn’t even come close to his favorite Omega watch 🙂

  6. Sounds like you need a PO Box! lol…My lovely wife has really been receptive to my pen hobby. We had the greatest time at the Atlanta pen show and she came away with a couple of nice new pens. Ok they were rollerballs but we’re getting there. Thanks for the share and BTW enabler, I had no idea Retro 51 had a Pinball version. This read cost me $40 this morning thank you very much!

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