Fashionable Friday: Dot Your Eyes

Fashionable Friday: Dots

This week I was totally inspired by Janine Basil’s fabulous pom pom heaband. And really, who doesn’t love dots?

  • Pom Pom Headband $34.31 (via Janine Basil on Etsy)
  • Dots Planner $16.99 (via Shop Ampersand on Etsy)
  • Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body Component in Dot Black $4.25 (via JetPens)
  • Pilot Metropolitan Aquamarine with Dots Fountain Pen (available soon from Pen Chalet)
  • J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink Tin of 6 Cartridges in Orange Indien (Indian Orange) $5.50 (via JetPens)
  • Sonic Ratchetta Pencil Sharpener with Notification in Orange $3.30 (via JetPens)
  • The Block $60 (via Dudek Modern Goods)
  • Kaweco Sport Skyline fountain pen pink €17,95 (via Fontoplumo)
  • Filofax Domino Patent Pine with Spots A5 Organizer $49 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • Kokuyo Neo Critz Transformer Pencil Case in Pink Dot $17.50 (via JetPens)
  • Beverly Kokosasu Film Page Markers in Sharp Dot $7.25 (via JetPens)
  • Kyoei Orions Shitajiki A5 Writing Board in Dots $2.70 (via JetPens)
  • Caran D’ache 849 Popline Fluorescent Yellow Ballpoint Pen $26.95 (via Goldspot Pens)

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  1. I like the color of the Pilot Metropolitan you featured. I saw another light green version on the Goulet website. They aren’t in stock yet, so I have time to choose which color that you, Ana, have enabled me to want. Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you.

    By the way, my brother bought both of your Keep The Post Office Public stamps after I sent him a letter with the one I got. I might have to get the smaller version now, after seeing how he used both on a letter to me.

    1. I’m glad that your brother liked the stamps. I do love those stamps the best. And Sorry to be the lime green pen enabler… someone has to do it!

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